Our Ego Our Burden.

I received this as a forward in WhatsApp from a friend. My attempts at finding out the name of the artist to give credit for this post are in vain. If someone can help me with the name, I shall update this post with the details. Thank you,

12 thoughts on “Our Ego Our Burden.”

  1. Not all artists do want “credit” for their output. After all, it might inflate their ego. Though what is wrong with ego (depending how one defines it) is beyond me. Fact is, without wishing to preempt any discussion, without an ego we’d be nothing.

    As an aside: Your image brings “holistic” to mind – you know, the interplay of body and mind.

    Looking forward to you elaborating …


    1. The ego in this particular work of art is certainly the negative kind that we bandy about like “he is highly egotistic”, “she has an oversized ego”, etc. There are other less hurtful usages like in psychiatry and spirituality about which I would rather not delve here now. If you are serious about it, we can exchange mails about its use in Indian philosophy.

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