Our Garden In The Monsoon.

I have been intending to post some pictures of our small garden and when the rain had stopped for a while yesterday and it was just drizzling a little, I ventured to take some photographs and here are the results.

This one is taken from the verandah where we sit and have our tea. We had put in grills to ensure a bit of safety as the garden opens out on to a main avenue. When we had first moved in to the house, the whole place was vacant and we were at one end of an unpaved road. Having put in the grills, we found that we liked the effect and they have stayed on.

In the good old days, the barbecue grill would be set up in the garden and that is why we had the ground paved with stones rather than a lawn. You can see some fallen jasmine flowers on the stones. The scent is simply awesome. You can also see an opening at the far corner for the gardener to access the garden without coming in to the house.

This is taken from the corner away from the opening to show one corner of the garden nearest to the verandah. The plants are heavy with rain water. It is still drizzling!

We affectionately call it our mini jungle.

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