Out For A Drive.

Local news informed me that our local river Mula Mutha was in spate and so I decided to go and see it as I do every year during the monsoon.

I left my home for the first time in 161 days yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the drive not only to the bridge over the river but also upto Yerwada, a suburb about three Kms away and back home. I was surprised to see just about 30% traffic than what I had got used to before the lockdown.

A still photograph and a short movie of the river taken from the bridge with the traffic noise as background for the latter.

19 thoughts on “Out For A Drive.”

  1. That river looks powerful and it is good you kept your tradition of seeing it each year when it is running fast. 161 days not leaving your home, that is hard to contemplate. I am staying home most days but go out once in a while.

  2. I learned a new word when you wrote “in spate.” Flooding river waters can be awesome — I like the sound of racing water though I know it can signify danger. Glad you could get out to have that view.

  3. Good for you Ramana, to get a little out and about. That river sound is threatening in tone. I have such respect for water of any kind. Both our life force and a destroyer.


  4. Getting out is good. We are reluctant to do too much of it. We actually went through a drive-through for food (McDonald’s) on Thursday– and I HATE drive-throughs. It was out first time “eating out” since all of this social distancing started.

    This should be our dry season. We’ve been cooler and wetter than normal for months. Everything is SO green.
    Mike recently posted..Surreal

    1. I would not go out again unless the same favourable conditions prevailed like my son being available to drive me and I do not have to get out to do anything till I get back home.

  5. how wonderful to be able to make a decision to go out and then of course go out – even if only for annual sightseeing trip that has been part of your life for many moons. I’m sure your family took good care of you and returned to home, with you in one piece.
    Interesting about the traffic, but then again, if you’ve been home, then so too would’ve been many others… I believe you mentioned that not all business had resumed.
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..12 more days of L/3 in Auckland

      1. aha, I can well imagine that – a bit like my “nowhere to be seen family in realtime” but sure able to advise me that “you’ve doing that all wrong” by messenger or similar. And more recently an older friend who has gone into “interfering mode” with some very weird suggestions…

        example: I only have purchase a new item because the other is bust and it’s about how much did I spend, was it the best deal and are you sure you couldn’t get xyz repaired.

        People assume that because you’ve live alone, have underlying health issues or whatever – that your wisdom and brain has gone someplace else…
        Catherine de Seton recently posted..It’s just a random tree trunk…

  6. I’m so glad you got out! thanks for taking us along and sharing part of it.
    and how like you to take a picture of the majestic river.
    the power in it is unmistakable. and I like the sounds of the honking cars and such… behind the scenes. very REAL feeling. monsoon time is special.
    perhaps you can take other trips like this one now. just short.
    but good for the inner spirit! xo

  7. That’s a pretty wide river. I hope it hasn’t overflowed and flooded the surrounding area. Or maybe it has?

    That’s quite an ordeal, being stuck indoors for so long. Good that you felt able to make a short trip from home. I’m surprised there is so little traffic, traffic levels here seem to be back to pre-lockdown levels.

    1. In some upriver and down river areas, it is wider and does tend to flood low lying areas. I did not particularly mind being quarantined as, I am in any case not much of a socialiser. Even during normal times, I hardly go out except perhaps on a couple of occasions. I have enough to keep my occupied and amused at home.

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