Paddy Nursery.

In my earlier post Rice Seedling Transplantation, one can see cakes of seedlings in the transplanter machine. I have now received another photograph from Babu as to how those cakes are grown.

This is how paddy nursery is raised. Each cake fits in the transplanter. ย Farmers save in seeds and labour.

What a beautiful sight to see!

15 thoughts on “Paddy Nursery.”

    1. My pleasure entirely Kaitlin. At heart I am a rural person forced by circumstances into being an urban one. The magnet that our rural India is keeps pulling me there and I often go out of Pune just to see greenery of farms besides the forests that we are blessed with.

    1. My friend the farmer is a bit older than I am and finds it increasingly difficult to manage the physical strain that the occupation involves. He is however determined to continue for as long as he can.

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