Inspiration For Blogging.

A blogger friend, Mitch has an interesting post up and I recommend it to all of you. Please do not omit the comments from me and the response from Mitch.

“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort” …..– Herm Albright

I was musing about what to write today when the above quote from Herm Albright came into my consciousness!

I hope that this post annoys Mitch!

An Unintended Consequence of Mr. Obama’s Victory.

My attention has been drawn to a great blog.

My hat’s off to the blogger.

More interesting than the blog is the first comment on the blog from someone called “websmith”.

Turns out that this commentator is my son. Hat’s off to him too!

A Magnificent Story.

I came across this magnificent story and want to share it with all of my readers. It is simply too close to my heart, not to want to share.

The blog starts as follows:
“One of Mexico’s most biodiverse yet threatened natural areas is coming back to life as an innovative educator makes conservation profitable for the thousands of poor families who live in the Sierra Gorda Mountains.

Two decades ago, seeking a simpler life for her family, Martha Ruiz Corzo traded urban life for the backwoods of Mexico’s Querétaro State. Yet Ruiz Corzo, a teacher and musician, grew concerned as she watched forests disappear and rivers go dry. As the natural diversity of her new mountain environment diminished, many of her neighbours in search of jobs began to migrate to other countries.”

I am sure that you would like to read further and so leave you to do it by just going here.

Realities Of The Past.

My blog friend Stoney posted a lovely article in a social network which I reproduce below and I also reproduce my comments on her blog post.

“You like scary things… but you don’t like to be scared. How do I show you the things that frighten while making sure that you don’t get scared? The Vampire Man who laughs when you press the green button – you don’t want to hear. The witch whose eyes flash purple when you woggle her broom – you don’t want to see. Look at that nice ghost over there doing woo…woo…woo – want to see? No? Kabir! I keep trying to tell you these things run on batteries – they’re not real. What? No, they won’t suddenly become real…what do you mean ‘how do I know?’ – I know, that’s all!

Kabir, why are we standing like this, doing nothing? What? I can’t hear sweetheart – the music is so loud… What is that?…eat an ice cream and go home?

OK suit yourself…

What is that?…come back when you’re six years old…OK, let’s do that then. Would you like to eat the ice cream in the park? Yes? Good…

Halloween is the easy part, ladduram. Halloween I can deal with. In the morning they will dismantle the Vampire and the Witch and the Ghost…they will switch off the music and fold away the tent…in a few hours it will all be forgotten. Until you’re six years old, that is. But what do I about the things that are out there? Outside the innocence of this park? Outside the security of my pouch?

Because you see, there are things out there that don’t run on batteries that will confront you, ladduram. Scary things of my own creation.

You will find yourself at cross roads all the time. Which way will you choose? Will you be like me – wanting to choose the right way but ending up choosing the other way ?
Justifications…justifications and then more justifications. A thousand right reasons why the wrong thing had to be done.

Don’t follow my footsteps, laddu…don’t! Too many mistakes, too many regrets…too many sins. Let this trail of blood and venom end here with me.

You…you start again. Make a new plan. So, if there is a gift I can give you, other than this ice cream, let it be the gift of love. Love for yourself. Love for others. And love for all God’s creatures.

Let it be also the gift of respect. Respect for yourself. Respect for others. And respect for all God’s creatures.

May your tomorrows be nothing like my yesterdays.”

My comments –

“Stoney, this is a great post as posts go, to express a particular emotion at a particular moment in time. In this case, Halloween.

I have seem many Halloweens and Diwalis and Christmases. I am now in what are known as the twilight years of my life.

I get inspired about life in general and mine in particular by going back often to Viktor Frankl. I quote and I hope that you will get inspired too.

“…..the opportunities to act properly, the potentialities to fulfill a meaning, are affected by the irreversibility of our lives. But also the potentialities alone are so affected. For as soon as we have used an opportunity and have actualized a potential meaning, we have done so once and for all. We have rescued it into the past, nothing is irretrievably lost, but rather, on the contrary, everything is irrevocably stored and treasured. To be sure, people tend to see only the stubble field of transitoriness but overlook and forget the full granries of the past into which they brought the harvest of their lives: the deeds done, the loves loved, and last but not least, the sufferings they have gone through with courage and dignity.

From this one may see that there is no reason to pity old people. Instead, young people should envy them. It is ture that the old have no opportunities, no possibilities in the future. But they have more than that. Instead of possibilities in the fuuture, they have realities in the past – the potentialities that they have actualized, the meanings they have fulfilled, the values they have realized – and nothing and nobody can ever remove these assets from the past.”

Viktor E Frankl – Man’s Search for Meaning.”

It is now your turn to comment!!

Misleading Headlines.

I got a kind of shock when I saw this message in an alert. “Ban encouraged by India, Pak’s commitment to peace process.”

I immediately thought that the powers that are, have banned Pakistan’s commitment to the peace process that has now sluggishly got on rail. I said to myself “Oh, no! Not again!”

I investigated further and discovered that the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, has been encouraged by the commitment of both India and Pakistan to the peace process.

If you want to see what gave me the shock, please visit this site.

Initial Impression.

I was exposed to a most peculiar experience today, and I want to share it with all my readers. Perhaps some others have had similar experiences too.

As I have written earlier, I go for a 3.6 Km walk every evening at our local joggers’ park. I normally go there fairly early so that I can finish my walk and spend some quality time with some of my friends who come later and do not walk or jog as much as I do.

For the past few weeks, I had been seeing a lady walking at the park. She would be there walking, when I arrived and leave before I finished my walk. As I am wont to, I tried to smile at her when we crossed each other, but could not get a friendly response from her and I decided that she was shy and so let her be.

Today, she landed up near our bench accompanied by an acquaintance of mine. I was formally introduced to her and my friend wanted me to spend a few minutes with them a little away from the others.

It turned out that the first time that this lady laid her eyes on me at the park, she felt that I was a ruffian, with who it was better not to get involved in. Every time she saw me, this feeling was reinforced and when I tried to be friendly and smiled at her, she almost had a heart attack! Luckily for me, my friend who is her neighbor was taken into confidence by her and she told him that she was afraid to go for her evening walks. She told him about her being mortally scared of me. When she told him about this huge menacing fellow who walks at the park every day, he could not quite place who it could be, as he has been in our colony for perhaps the last ten years or so. He therefore decided to accompany her today to see who this menace was and when he saw that it was me, removed her fears and insisted on introducing her to me and my friends. She was quite relieved and has assured me that henceforth she will not be afraid of me.

After she left, my friends and I discussed this matter, and I was the subject of a lot of ribbing for being considered as a ruffian! Any way, it was felt that in some cases we make snap initial judgments about people we do not know and that impression stays as a permanent impression.

For me, this was an unprecedented experience. I have always found it quite easy to make friends with strangers and have never consciously done anything that could have given an impression of being a violent fellow or one capable of hurting someone. I have also never judged anyone like this lady did me. To the best of my recollection, I have never made snap initial judgments about anyone.

Have you had such experience/s?