Tension Nahin Lenekka!

There are two delightful people in my life who insist on telling me "Tension nahin lenekka!" What this means, for those who are not familiar with Hindustani is – "Do not become tense!" although the exact meaning gets lost in translation.

One, a surrogate son, lives by that credo. In all the forty years that I have known him, I have never known him to lose his cool, even when he was in some major jams. Since he believes that he can solve whatever problems that I may have, he believes that I too should never get tense. He is very reassuring and I sleep soundly every night knowing that I can pass on any problem to him to solve.

The other is a vendor on a bicycle who hawks bakery products like Pav, Brun, Bread, Biscuits etc and announces his arrival by sounding a klaxon horn that works through a rubber bulb attached to one end. I place orders on him whenever I see him on his rounds and he inevitably leaves the merchandise in our verandah and disappears. I have to remind him to collect his money whenever I see him during my walks and he too will tell me not to get tense and he knows that his money is safe and he will collect it at his convenience. I have known him for the past seventeen years and have never seen him ever lose his cool.

The first is a very wealthy businessman of Mumbai and the latter is an entrepreneur who has to work every day to make his daily bread!

I have never known either to ever miss a working day. When asked, both will cheerfully respond that they do not fall sick because they never get tense. "Tension nahin lenekka!"

Is there a moral there somewhere?