For a long time now, I have refrained from blogging about our neighbour Pakistan. I did this, because I was accused of being Pakistan phobic by some very well meaning people. As an Indian concerned with a volatile neighbourhood, on some occasions, in response to comments I have expressed my concerns, but did not elaborate by detailed posts about my misgivings as India officially has been trying to establish a peaceful relationship with a Pakistani India obsessed establishment.

Things however seem to be getting from bad to worse in Pakistan and I do need to point out some developments that my readers must become aware of.

I draw your attention first to an excellent article written by a concerned Pakistani writer who does not mince words. Mohammad Hanif writes well and his credentials are impeccable. One can straight away understand what is happening in Pakistan when one reads this agonized call for introspection and corrective action at the top most levels in Pakistan.

The other article in the NYT is of more concern to me and should be to my American readers. Despite the recent developments within Pakistan vis a vis Osama Bin Laden and the attack on Pakistan’s naval establishment, Pakistan is still being cagey about their relationships with the Taliban and Al Quaida.

Pakistan is rich in nuclear weapons but broke. It has serious implications for India. Many Indians and I expect that we will be faced with a major refugee problem sooner than later. If this happens, there can be serious repercussions within India with a Muslim population in excess of that of Pakistan’s total population, though amounting to only about 14% of India’s total population.

Something needs to be done with haste to avoid Pakistan imploding. Quite what it is should now be clear to the West. There is little that India can do other than keep trying the peace process, with no sign of any reciprocity from across the border.

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