Pakistan’s Response To India’s Dossier on Mumbai Attack.

My posts recently have been rather morbid and just in time, cartoonist Ajit Ninan of the Times of India has come out with a brilliant cartoon.

A little background information to my readers. India submitted a dossier to Pakistan, containing all the evidence gathered by us on the attackers, the boats used, the weapons seized, documents seized, transcripts of cell phone conversation between the terrorists and their handlers in Pakistan etc. Most of this evidence was also corroborated by the FBI of the USA. First, Pakistan’s highest authorities said that they received just information and not evidence and subsequently said that they were proceeding on their own investigation on the evidence produced and so on so forth. Pakistan has been in denial and confirmation and there seems to be no coordination between various players on the matter. Some comic statements have been coming out of Islamabad and Pakistani leadership is the biggest joke in India today. So much so that there is a current school of thought that President Musharaff was better to deal with and perhaps would have handled this matter with far more finesse and diplomacy.

This cartoon sums up the general mood about the situation.

I hope that you enjoy this as much as I did and continue to whenever I see it.

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