I have different kinds of pals.  The kind that the above definition proposes is saved for just a hand full of people now as quite a few have died in the last few years.  I have one friend in Chennai who has been my pal for the past 75 years who is still going strong and who can tie me up in knots with stories from our past.  Another friend of 53 years now spends half his time in Mumbai and half in Sydney, Australia.  His daughter and my son decided that they were more like brother and sister and did not want to get married to each other when we proposed that they do some decades ago.

I have three pals living now in Pune one of whom shifted just last year from Delhi.  My regular readers will know of him from my earlier posts about my visits to him in Delhi.  His being here now makes it unnecessary for me to keep going off to Delhi and for him to keep coming to Pune and returning to Delhi.  Of the other two pals in Pune, one is my partner in crime for going to movies with and also a fellow traveller on my spiritual path.  The other is a remarkable fighter of adversity who is also an avid reader of all kinds of books, struggling to become enlightened by reading.

Apart from these five worthies who can be called pals as per the definition given above, I have friends who have stayed as friends from either my Business School days, from our Alumni Association’s local chapter;  or colleagues from my previous employers who are still in touch.  I also have pals who I meet regularly in our local park where we meet in the evenings to solve all the world’s problems. There are also some neighbours who are quite friendly.

There are some pals who have become remote due to distance and time but who still keep popping up now and then on the social media or when they visit India/Pune.

Besides all these types, I also have some relatives who are more pals than relatives.  And that is a great combination which gives me great satisfaction as relationships go.

All told, I believe that I am blessed to be endowed with so many of them in my life.

Shackman has suggested the topic for this week’s LBC Friday post. I hope that this definition is what he had in mind and not “Profit And Loss”! You can see what the other writers of the LBC have to say in their respective blogs.  Maria, Pravin and Shackman.

18 thoughts on “Pals.”

  1. i don’t know if you’re a sage or not rummy. i expect you are.
    but you are my guru.
    i love your life. just hearing about it makes me quite happy.
    balance in everything with good humour and joy.
    a life being well lived i’d say.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

    1. Thank you Tammy. That partner in crime that I wrote about calls me Swamiji half in jest and would love to be my Manager if I only would agree to become a guru. He says that between the two of us we would become billionaires in no time.

    1. I almost wrote about Urmeela in my post for having first been a great pal and then my wife but decided that a broader coverage of relatives being friends would include that and left it at that. I am glad for you too.

  2. How truly fortunate you are! I count more friends under the daisies than above
    these days but am pleased I have added one 29 year old in the past year.

    Wisewebwoman recently posted..Blog Jam

  3. “To have friends, be a friend” is what they say. I think you prove that idea over and over. You deserve your great social connections 🙂

  4. Kylie got it right about you. Personally, I have relatively few close friends but many more casual friends. Blogging seems to have expanded that base a bit.

  5. I have plenty of friends and acquaintances but only two I would count as close friends (Jenny being one of them). Friendships made as a child often last a lifetime, but my school friends drifted away after I left school. But no matter, my life is just fine as it is, I don’t feel the lack of any other “pals”.
    nick recently posted..Die-hard oldies?

    1. Strangely enough, I don’t have any friends from my school days currently in touch with me. It is also because I am far away from the city where I went to school. My classmates from Business School have more than made up for that.

  6. I’ve got a few pals, that I am honoured to have…both male and female. Some I see regularly whilst others have moved away and the Internet keeps us in touch. Some people I have never met, they are f/b or online pals…

    I’ve got a few people (local) who assume, quite wrongly, I’m their pal and vice versus…and they don’t seem to get it when I cold-shoulder them; they usually assume that is because I must be ill “again” – some of these pals are actually toxic and negative, and they are forever in some sort of personal trouble…

    Life should always be for the good…and I am trying to vie away from the toxic 🙂

    1. Interesting that you have people in your life who you consider toxic while they consider you as their friend. I make it very clear when I cut off relationships with toxic people that I am doing so.

  7. I’m happy to hear that you are still surrounded by pals…if some from a greater distance. I suppose my best pals are my two remaining sisters. And my husband qualifies as one of the greatest, too – after all these years it would be a shame if that weren’t true! I am privileged to have groups of women friends and some of those would certainly be considered pals by definition. Not all can be included in that inner circle.

    I’m still reeling a bit from the loss of one of my dear pals who shared my spiritual path and many of my philosophies. My conversations with her are now in my heart and mind.

    Ah, life…
    Mother recently posted..The Circle of Life, Death, and Learning

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