My family and circle of friends is full of people who have had to get their knees replaced.  So, when suddenly I started to get a severe pain on the inside of the right knee, I panicked and went ballistic trying to find a diagnosis online.  I finally went over to my GP who examined me and asked me, if I had run into anything recently and I suddenly remembered that I had indeed run into the corner of my bed a few days ago.  He diagnosed the pain as arising out of a blood clot due to that after pointing out a dark bruise on the skin.  He prescribed some pills and an ointment and no sooner I had taken the first pill and applied the ointment, I immediately felt relief.

There’s nothing quite like the behaviour of panicky humans,  My imagining all kinds of dire consequences like going back to a hospital for surgery, the expenses involved etc were totally irrational and also totally unlike my normal behaviour to adversity.

Let me share another story.

Every Sunday morning without fail around 10.30 am a surrogate son to me calls me from Mumbai  to ensure that I am alive and have not changed my will where he expects to find himself in a prominent position. He has been doing this for the past twenty years and so when he did not call me at the usual time last Sunday and after waiting for a couple of hours to give him some time to finish whatever he was doing, I called him at 12.30 pm just as he was entering his home. I asked him if dementia has set in already for him and he simply passed on the phone to his wife to explain to me as to why he did not call me in the morning. It turned out that she  had hustled him our of his bed at an ungodly hour for a Sunday and got him to escort her to a supermarket close by to buy and stock up on groceries for the anticipated shutting down of Mumbai due to the pandemic.

My daughter in love and son however appear to be totally unconcerned as I am too and when this topic was suggested by Sanjana for this week’s 5 on 1 Friday post, I was reminded of this:

On enquiry, I found that without much noise provisions had already been stocked up for emergencies and the only thing about which they were worried was milk without which I don’t have my tea or coffee and which is needed regularly to set yogurt without which I cannot exist. I responded that if shove came to push, I shall indeed be prepared to sacrifice my dietary preferences in the larger interest of the public and that they should not panic.

Here is a video that shows clearly to what extent one can go to hoard things during an emergency like the current one.

What however has puzzled me and many others too is the mad rush to stock up on toilet paper.

I am not one to panic easily. Not that I have become like that, it is just that I am just made that way. It is not deliberate but, just natural for me to face adversities calmly and take such action as necessary within my capability.  The knee incident however exposed me to the reality that I too can panic under some conditions.

There have been a number of occasions in my life when I had to face unexpected adverse situations where I was able to face them and come out relatively unscathed compared to others under similar circumstances. Other friends had panicked under similar circumstances and one even committed suicide. I guess that it is all the negative messages that we are bombarded with by the media and now through the social media that such panic reactions take place as people are unable to foresee a future as comfortable as the present that they are so comfortable with.

We are currently in the midst of the Coronavirus panic and I am sure that after a few weeks and in retrospect we will look back and wonder what the panic was all about. I hope to write a follow up post on that.

And to sign off, here is snoopy being topical again.
This is my take on this week’s Friday 5 On 1 blog post topic. The other four bloggers who write on the same topic every Friday are Sanjana, Padmum and Shackman and Conrad.   Conrad incidentally, is the original founder of the weekly bloggers group formed way back in 2009.  It gives me great pleasure to welcome him back to this venture, thanks to some persistent nagging by Shackman.  This week’s topic was suggested by Sanjana. Please do go over to their respective blogs to see what they have to say on the topic. Thank you.

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  1. I can’t leave it alone, can I? Your first quote should read “infectious”, not “contagious”.

    As to your notion that we will wonder (in a few weeks) what Corona was about – I am sorry. This will take more than weeks. And only the dead will NOT wonder what “it” was/is about.

    Sorry to hear about your knee. I can’t so much as clear my voice with a gentle cough every so often (a lifelong habit) when my son is in earshot. It’s not so much that he panics as is alert to my potential demise earlier than even my doctor envisages. Sent both of them (the Angel and my doctor) an email reminding them that, as they say in the motherland, weeds are not easily eradicated. Dandelion (not that I myself deem it a weed) will be with you forever. Yes, weeds. That’s the furthest I will go as far as that most annoying British habit of “self deprecating” goes.

    All the best, Ramana,

  2. Thank you for the warm welcome back! It did feel good to write on a topic again. This is quite a time that we share on this shrinking world stage and it is understandable that so many panic. But, that panic is very counter productive and I wish that more would spend that energy educating themselves on the reasons behind restrictions and what the optimal behavior is. In a perfectly controlled world, this virus spread could be controlled quickly by simply denying it hosts passing it along the line. It doesn’t have wings! But, the price of that perfect control I fear might be far worse at this stage of human development than the virus itself, for the control would come from outside in a martial law fashion rather than from the individual in full awareness.

  3. I think the initial report that caused the TP fiasco had to do with the symptoms which included the “d…” word. But then later it appeared to be actually cough and fever as main symptoms.

    I’ve just found that because of some of my health issues, I’m to “stay home” Jacinda Ardern announced the new measures today…just after I got back from a long walk, a milkshake at the Mall, and some grilled and spiced wedges from another takeaway, short trip back home on local bus. My last “go get something” but I can still take solitary walks … and I know the flu’ jab visit is coming up and I can walk there… and I can order food on line, even with restrictions. I’ve enough food for now in the house…

  4. I’ve been home for 10 days now. People in my complex, who get stir crazy, wonder how i can just sit at home!
    Well! I cook, clean…getting unexplored places in my 21/2 bedroom apartment tidied up which took a dilly dallying 2 days…. knitting, crochetting and media hopping.
    I do have a lovely terrace where I sit in the sun and chant my prayers or watch the birds. My discover, the smaller the bird, the louder its chirps.
    I read too and like my family obsession, do a few crosswords and jigsaws everyday.
    Life is good….life is NOW!

    1. I don’t have domestic chores to attend to except to set dahi every alternate day. No handicrafts but plenty of crossword puzzle solving, reading and whatsapp messaging≥.

  5. ohmygosh. is that really a home in the video clip?
    it looks more like a store. I wish I could say I’m not disgusted by it. but that wouldn’t be true. maybe it’s just in my nature to not panic and I should be more understanding. not judging. still … that’s a lot of hoarding going on! good grief Charlie Brown!
    our property manager was tested and has the coronavirus. I sat across from her and used her pen 7 days before she came down with it so now I am in self quarantine for 14 days. (i’m moving to a new apt downstairs in another complex rummy! so excited.) will move on June 10th if all goes well. it’s in a lovely and quiet neighborhood.
    and like Padmini… I love staying at home. am a happy hermit at heart!
    you were wise to see the doc. blood clots are not a good thing! I’m glad it turned out ok.
    and glad the Friday Group is growing.
    stay well dear Sean. 🙂

    1. Yes, it is a home. Sad, but true. I am glad that you are under observation after the exposure and hope that all goes well and you will settle comfortably in the new place. All of us are becoming hermits and as I write this, most countries are shutting down forcing hermithood on all the peoples of the world.

  6. I like your panic stories because I know exactly how it feels! I’m not normally a panicky type but once I get going I can panic for Australia!

    I also loved your previous post about the tail wagging retriever. It’s true, wag your metaphoric tail and there will be things to wag it about

  7. Thank you for sharing! And I love the advice this choose wisely what you spread. Take care!

  8. Like you, I tend not to panic over emergencies but to take a step back and work out the best response. Like with the coronavirus epidemic. I’m not stockpiling, just buying the same things I always buy in modest quantities. I’m not especially worried about catching the virus, I just keep my distance from other people and hope for the best. I’m not wearing a face mask or gloves, just trying not to touch anything that might be contaminated. The worst possible response to an emergency is to panic and do the first thing that occurs to you, something that might simply make the situation worse.

    1. We are right now in a total country shut down and this will have serious economic repercussions eventually but, I suppose that it is better to undergo that than lose lives unnecessarily.

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