Parched should easily qualify to be the mother of all Indian Chick Flicks.

This film earned three wins and a nomination in International Film Festivals.

I understand that it has not done very well at the box office in India during the first few days of its release, despite the subject being of great national importance in the present day India where feudalism and patriarchy is increasingly under pressure from modernists. I hope that it will change soon and more people here will see it for the message that it carries. Hope for Indian women and shame for Indian men.

It is a powerful story dramatically brought alive on the screen by excellent direction, acting, editing and photography. It would help if one has been to this part of India and has some knowledge of local customs and practices including bride price being paid instead of the more common dowry. If one does not have that background, it does not matter as many universal truths are tackled effectively.

As I have been saying in my recent posts on Indian films, there is a dramatic shift in such films being made and I am very excited about this development. I hope to get to see more such films in the future.

If you possibly can get to see the film, please do not miss it.

8 thoughts on “Parched.”

  1. well made films can get an important message to many people on almost a subliminal level. i’m glad to see this trend against the patriarchal older society part in your culture.
    perhaps if we’d had more of them here in america in previous years …
    we wouldn’t just NOW being trying to elect a woman as president!
    it’s been a ‘good ol boy’ network for ages here.
    tammy j recently posted..blowing the bugle

    1. We have had women in powerful positions in India in politics as well as businesses. That has not however translated into the removal of patriarchy and misogyny from our society. We have a long way to go.

  2. Many films cross over into other cultures, not particularly for the ideal portrayed but other issues that have similar overtones…not sure I will see this, but it might be time for me to look into other DVDs or even something like Netfix (or whatever it is called)…

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