When my stepmother passed away recently, I suggested to my father that he moves in with us instead of living alone. He readily agreed and is arriving tomorrow evening.

Getting our home ready for his stay has been quite taxing physically as we have only one bed room in the ground floor which has been used by my wife and me. Since my father is 91 years old, we felt that it is best that he stays downstairs and that we move into one of the bed rooms on the first floor. Shifting, rearranging wardrobes, getting new furniture etc have all been completed just a while ago.

This has meant that one of the topics of conversation in our evening meetings at the park, has revolved around the impending arrival of my father as well as all that it has implied. One of our friends whose daughter lives in the USA just mentioned this during a regular phone call and the following email is the outcome of that tele-conversation between mother and daughter.

“Dear Neelam,

Your mother conveyed to me your surprise when you came to know about the impending arrival of my father to stay with us and your query “Does Ramana Uncle have a father?”

Your mother, as she is wont to, went into peals of laughter as soon as she finished that quotation and I was quite puzzled. It then dawned on me that she was amused at her phrasing of that question as well as yours.

Let me assure you that I am not born of immaculate conception. I am not the Son of God. From all accounts, my mother conceived me as all mothers do, and just as you too did. My father confirms to me that he was very much responsible.

I may give the appearance of being a Supernatural Being, but that is due entirely to my own efforts and my parents are not responsible for that outcome.

If you want any further clarifications, please do not hesitate to ask. I shall be brutally honest in my replies.

With love to the four of you,

Ramana Uncle.”

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