Parking Ticket.

I finally graduated to being a qualified Indian driver of automobiles.

I had gone to get a mobile phone connection blocked after Mangal had lost her hand set and had to park in a place a bit away from the shop and where I had not been in many years. I could not see any No Parking signs and parked the car under a tree so that it would be cool when I returned.

On my return there was a message on the window glass to the effect that my car had been locked by a chain lock in the front with an arrow pointing to it. The message also gave a telephone number. I called the number given and was advised that a van will come around in five to ten minutes time to settle the matter. It did and I was shown the No Parking signs well hidden from sight due to over grown hedges and was informed that I would have to pay Rs.350.00 to get the lock unlocked. I did and was given two receipts one for Rs.100.00 and the other for Rs.250.00. After unlocking, the sign on the window was also wiped clean and I was allowed to drive away.

On reaching home Ranjan told me that if the vehicle had not been towed away, I need not have paid the second charge of Rs.250.00 and so I called the number stored in my mobile phone and complained that I was taken for a ride. The lady at the other end was most considerate and said that she would arrange for the refund and would see that it was made at my home in a few minutes. The same van came along with the same crew but this time I saw that the person wearing a traffic cop’s uniform in the front was a lady and she leaned down from the window of the van and gave me the refund after taking the second receipt back from me. She smiled and apologised for the inconvenience caused and that was that.

The moral of the story however is, had Ranjan not told me about the towing charges, I would not have known about it and the contractor would have pocketed the Rs.250.00 for doing nothing!

It feels awful that after 53 years of not having committed any kind of traffic offense, as a licensed driver, I committed one and paid a fine too.

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    1. Chuck, in India, sensible people always carry a few thousands of rupees in cash with them for there are many places that will not take credit cards. Yes, even now. And they are the better places usually to buy stuff or eat in. These are small businesses who get their working capital at usurious rates from the unorganised banking sector but it works just fine.

  1. i’m thinking the ENTIRE thing sounds like a scam!
    do not feel bad in the least rummy!
    i’m glad you got at least some of your money back.
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    1. Of course it was a scam. I am now trying to hit on the lady because I have got her telephone number. Something good can still come out of it! Are you surprised?

  2. You should not have had to pay for any of it!

    We are generally very careful where we park. After having 2 parking tickets that I successfully got out of because of mitigating circumstances like a sign not being readily apparent, nearly 2 years ago, in Independence Day, I parked in an area that had “no parking” signs. But it was a holiday and a lot of other people were doing the same in order to get to the beach to watch the fireworks. I “assumed” it was okay since there were other cars parked all along the road, but I was wrong. It was a hefty fine for that ticket and I “assume” that town got a hefty holiday haul for ticketing all the other cars, too.
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    1. I would have normally not paid and would have argued my way out of the situation but it is 39 deg in the shade here, I was tired after the tamasha at the mobile phone office for blocking a number and so on. But it has been a lesson learnt and I intend getting something out of the incident yet by trying to get to know the lady involved! Not bad what?

  3. So now I’m associating with seedy criminal types.:D
    I’ve had similar parking tickets to yours with no signs visible and it would just cost too much to go to court and fight them and produce photos, etc. Such scammers!
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    1. The next time around it is likely to be better weather and I shall take photographs of the location and then have some fun with them. I have learnt from the experience and there is still the possibility that I will get to know the charming lady who returned the money!

  4. Hardly your fault, if as you say the No Parking signs were well hidden behind overgrown hedges. In fact if you took them to court in the UK the court would probably decide you weren’t liable because the signs weren’t visible.
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  5. I had only been “single” a few months and most of my mail still went to our joint home, I saw soon to be ex-DH nearly everyday so he was very curious that the envelope had the logo of NZ Police on it…but I never did tell him.

    I managed to get a virtual photographic ticket when I apparently ran a red light on the corner of Symonds and Boston Rd, one morning. I thought there had been a mistake until I remembered I had been in the area in the morning and again at night πŸ™‚

    Actually I hadn’t been along the road all that much when I lived with DH but since I moved to a place where I could travel quickly to the city by motorway, I had become more confident about using a motorway route…

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