Partly Read Books.

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Yesterday’s Business Standard had a very interesting article by a favourite writer of mine. T C A Srinivasa Raghavan writes incisively on many topics and this was one that got me thinking about my own collection of partly read books.

After reading the article in full and before I read all the morning’s papers, I went to take stock of the number of books that I have in hand that have only been partly read and I was shocked! There are six of them and more importantly there are twelve totally unread ones waiting for me to find some time.

I still manage to get in about two to three hours of reading everyday but facebook, blogging, visiting blogs, email and solving crossword puzzles take up quite a bit of my time besides my new hobby of seeing movies in theaters and also on DVDs at home.

Like TCA SR suggests, I should really get rid of many of the books that I have already read, and perhaps some that I have read partly but have no intentions of reading ever. But I am simply unable to get myself to get rid of them, despite knowing that I must if I have to find space for new purchases that will most certainly take place sooner than later.

I kept telling myself that the kindle will solve the problems of space for books but the reading experience of a hard copy book is divine whereas reading in the kindle is sort of soulless!

I have therefore decided, and I hope to implement the decision fully, not to buy any more books, hard copy or kindle, till I get rid of some and also finish reading the backlog.

Do you have such a problem too?

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