I recently developed a severe tooth ache and luckily was able to get my dentist to see me on a Sunday to see what was wrong and to remove the discomfort.

She diagnosed it as a root canal problem and put me on medication to prepare me for the treatment and to manage the pain.

The next appointment was for Wednesday and during that visit I was told that there would have to be three more visits before the treatment would be over. I seriously considered getting rid of the tooth but she advised me to save it by the treatment. I agreed and am now under the regimen of medication and waiting for the next visit due on Monday.

Being the impatient fellow that I am, I simply cannot understand why such a long duration treatment is necessary but am assured by my GP and some friends who have undergone root canal treatment that this is SOP.

When I expressed this impatience to a friend, he suggested that I act my age and to buttress his advice sent me this image.

8 thoughts on “Patience.”

  1. I’ve had one root filling and yes, it takes several visits because it’s a complex process removing the existing root pulp, preparing the roots for filling and then doing the filling. The dentist also has to be quite sure any infection has been completely removed before the root is filled. I had my root filling in 2008 so it’s lasted 14 years so far. I’m glad I saved the tooth rather than having it extracted.

  2. I’ve never gone down this avenue of grief – although I’m still working on the program that I’ve with a dentist in regards to other issues. I was just about to visit for Step 2 when the lockdown came – not sure when I will set forth for the rest, causing me no grief right now.

    I think is depends on where the tooth is situated in ones’ mouth about what treatment should be undertaken…

  3. Sorry to be so late responding to your post but I have a similar plaque above my desk where I write. It reads:

    Grant me
    Lord. . .
    But Hurry!
    I am sure you will be glad when it is all done.

  4. I don’t understand 5 visits. Mine was 3: the first with an oral surgeon to do the root canal; the second with my dentist, who took measurements for a cast; the last was the insertion of the crown (or whatever it’s called lol), and finally that was that.

    My problem is they seem to enjoy finding things wrong with my mouth; sigh… lol
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    1. Eventually, it turned out to be just four including the first one. Anyway, it is all over and I am quite comfortable. My problem is ageing Mitch. Like old automobiles, time for regular repairs and replacement of worn out spare parts become necessary. Nothing however is possible, I am told to solve my starting problem!

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