Payback Time 2.

“Apologies are always necessary and never sufficient.”
~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I was proved wrong. Prabhakar did read my post but contrary to my expectation that if he did, he would simply not call me, called me last Sunday.

He apologised for whatever he had done when he was young. He added that he had not realised that his behaviour was perceived by me and others as condescending and snobbish, but in retrospect felt that we were justified. He also thanked me for not having used his real name.

He suggested that rather than revive such bad old memories, we do not proceed further with a new relationship and I readily agreed.

He further added, that I had paid back in public by writing about it in my blog and that we are now quits. I readily agreed to that too.

I did not apologise for writing that post.

12 thoughts on “Payback Time 2.”

  1. I read Payback Time 1 just now. Interesting. I would have tried to be friends again I think because I’m female & that’s what we do. We don’t want to fail at friendship. ???

  2. The man’s response well mannered and tactful: He acknowledges your old grievance, and retreats graciously. Maybe he will have gone up in your esteem a notch or two.

    Ursula recently posted..Splayed

  3. Curious that he felt that your writing about his behaviour somehow, in his mind, was equivalent to his insufferable behaviour in earlier times. Perhaps when we cannot face the truth of our own bad behaviour we justify it by equating that to other incidents as otherwise we become unacceptable to ourselves. Whatever the reason, knowing you now, I must admit to being a little disappointed that you did not rise above him and make friends again. He certainly needs someone like you in his life to make him a better person.

    1. Had the face to face meeting taken place, I perhaps would have. He may already be a different person for all I know. Despite that, old wounds like these take long to heal. You know the background and the milieu and can understand my angst from all those years.

      1. I do know what you went through, but I also know that you have done enough internalising of your past griefs and have certainly risen above the levels I have done as you looked after tiger for longer than was conscionable. Hence, I was surprised that when you could rise above far greater injustices than this worthy, tat you did not!! Ho hum what do I know>

  4. People change with time, some for the better. Maybe it is so with Prabhakar. I can not stop thinking that maybe you both focusing on payback lost an opportunity of a “beautiful friendship” (Casablanca) and learning form the past and each other.

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