Payback Time 2.

“Apologies are always necessary and never sufficient.”
~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I was proved wrong. Prabhakar did read my post but contrary to my expectation that if he did, he would simply not call me, called me last Sunday.

He apologised for whatever he had done when he was young. He added that he had not realised that his behaviour was perceived by me and others as condescending and snobbish, but in retrospect felt that we were justified. He also thanked me for not having used his real name.

He suggested that rather than revive such bad old memories, we do not proceed further with a new relationship and I readily agreed.

He further added, that I had paid back in public by writing about it in my blog and that we are now quits. I readily agreed to that too.

I did not apologise for writing that post.

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