Payback Time.

“Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough.”

~ George Bernard Shaw

Just as I was about to doze off on my siesta, I received a phone call on my land line. A man I had not heard from over half a century ago was on the line. He had found this blog while searching for something on Nashik and my last post on The Refugee Part 2 had a tag on Nashik.

I knew Prabhakar in Madras in the early sixties of the last century before I quit my job and went to Business School. Prabhakar was then working for a multinational oil company and was full of himself because of that and was very condescending towards me for not having graduated from a university and slogging away in the Madras heat. My friends and I thought that he was insufferable.

Naturally I did not like him much and would avoid him if we were accidentally in the same venue which often used to happen.

Prabhakar was all sweetness today and told me how he found me on the telephone book after finding our from the blog that I lived in Pune. He wished to renew our acquaintance and I almost could not resist the temptation to tell him to you know what! My curiosity prevailed over my dislike for him and I agreed to meet up with him. He now lives with his son in a newly developing suburb of Pune about 20 kilometers away from where I live. I suggested that we meet at a central place so that neither of us has to drive that distance and when I suggested that we meet at my club, I could sense that he was quite surprised that I was a member there.

Age has perhaps made him less condescending but I relished turning the screw a bit and said that I was lucky to have got the membership many years ago as now membership is closed though it is much sought after. And he took the bait and asked me how I managed to do that and I said that I applied, went through the normal high brow selection process and got selected because the selection committee felt that I would be a good addition to their membership.

We have agreed to meet up next week and I intend laying it on thick. It is a nice feeling after all these years to be able to be condescending in return.

17 thoughts on “Payback Time.”

  1. I’m actually not very good at being condescending. I just take people for what they are, and if I don’t get on with them, I simply walk away. I think if I’d been treated the way you were, I wouldn’t have responded to his attempt to get re-acquainted.
    nick recently posted..San Francisco

  2. Thank god I am not on the wrong side of your acquaintances 🙂

    enjoyed reading, I can understand how you might have felt back than in 60’s and I know how you must be feeling now in 2013 😀

    But enough, do not rub him more on the wrong side.

    Well, I am no one to suggest anything to you. And I know you are a better judge of people/situation (even in sleep) than I am
    KRD Pravin recently posted..The master is the servant’s servant

    1. There were a few people like this in my life Pravin. My life would not have been as much a teacher that it has been had it not.

      No, I will not rub him at all. I will simply let my life unfold before him if he is interested and if we meet at all.

  3. My dear Ramana, you revengeful? Who’d have thought it.

    What I’d like to know: What’s the reason he sought you out again, trying to revive a not particularly successful old relationship?

    I am most certainly not defending him yet I do know that there are people totally unaware of the effect they have on others. Arrogance does put some (not all) people off. On the other hand, and I hope you’ll forgive me for saying so: Occasionally, what we perceive as someone being ‘condescending’ only reflects our own insecurities at the time.

    Poor chap has two options if he reads your post: Either cancel your next meeting realizing that there is little love lost on your side or, more gracefully, learn something about himself (and remember, you are the expert on hindsight).

    Give him a chance. You never know: Sometimes old adversaries can become new friends.

    Ursula recently posted..Reading with mother

    1. Our blogger friend Maxi had this to say about the post. “As you travel the road back, you may be find someone you don’t remember.” I certainly did not remember him. He searched me out. I went by my old perception of the man. Leopards do not change their spots is something that I have learnt by experience.

      I seriously doubt that he is aware of my aversion to him. His type rarely is. I would not be surprised if he thinks that he can still act the snob with me.

      I certainly hope that he reads my post. Would make the meeting if at all it place less stressful for both of us.

    2. Your comment on our own insecurities had me thinking back and I must agree that I was very insecure those days Ursula. I used to do a lot of foolish things but somewhere along the line, thanks to a couple of great mentors, that changed. I shall keep that in mind when I meet up with my friend, if we do at all.

  4. interesting, that he had not realised the “clubs membership” could be obtained from whatever level. His assumption that you had not amounted to much over the years certainly played out through that short phone chat… maybe he has mellowed, time will tell 🙂
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..It’s after week 6!

    1. This club is special Cathy. Or at least was till some years ago. Let me be snobbish now and say that I would rather not see some of the newer members who have got in because of money. It is still the best club to be a member of in Pune and is a high prestige issue for non members.

      I can’t wait to see how it plays out too.

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