Synchronicity strikes again. My post Grammar Police reintroduced my sister Padmum to my readers some of whom complimented me on having her in my life. That post elicited a comment from Tammy that she missed seeing her Vlogs. That was followed by Tammy commenting on my post Hope sending me her trademark snoopy hugs after a long time.

All these things happened in just the last few days.

Then, just half an hour ago, I get a message from Padmum taking me to this wonderful article about Peanuts in the BBC.

Long live Peanuts.

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  1. Before I contemplate Charlie Brown and Co. in depth (whilst obviously I have been aware of the strip for a long time their incumbents don’t feature much in my life; and no, I am not saying my usual sources of philosophy are more evolved – insert inane smiley face) here is one for your beloved synchronicity:

    Spoke to my mother a few days ago, on the phone as we do once a week. The game was: “Guess what the imminent arrival will be called”. The imminent arrival (any day now if not yesterday) being the first born of one of my nieces. My mother who can’t just leave be, sweet in her impatience, couldn’t wait to give me a clue.

    It starts with “L”, she said. “And has five letters”. Before I could stop her she also gave me a further hint: “Last letter “s”. “And it works in all languages”. Great. I suggested Louis, Lewis, Lucas unlikely, Leone even more unlikely (not least because there is already one in the larger family). No idea, I conceded. Is it Chinese? My niece’s mother having studied Chinese.

    You know what’s coming don’t you, my dear Ramana? Yes, Linus it is. Holy whatsit. Who”d have thunk it. Not that I am surprised. So my youngest sister’s first grandchild will be a Linus. I hope my sister is happy since she brought up her children on a peculiar diet and the adventures of Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy and, obviously, Linus. Let’s just hope the boy won’t still be running around with a comfort blanket once he hits his manhood.

    If this post doesn’t please and tickle that other peanut, namely Tammy, I don’t know what will.


    1. Ah Linus! In the last few days, one of our newspapers has been running a series of Linus finally getting rid of his blanket but Chuck gets him a new one and I am eagerly looking forward to seeing what happens in the future. My favourite character is Lucy though!

  2. the nail has been hit on the head! you did it and U did too. 😀
    ” there are no big answers; there are only small answers in the now, such as the joys of food and friendship. ”
    the three heroes in my life have been my father. and Mister Rogers. and Charles Sparky Schulz. all teachers. all now gone. all beloved.
    I believe in synchronicity Rummy.
    and welcome to the world little Linus!

      1. well. get ready for it. I apologize in advance…
        I have to study Lucy a little more.
        and I always read all the comments and your replies.
        it’s what makes the village here.

  3. It’s funny that I read that article before you linked to it. Seems there’s a lot of people who know my fascination with Snoopy so they’re always sending me Peanuts stuff. I also didn’t know your sister had a vlog; gotta to check that out.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Your Purpose In Writing

    1. Another fascinating piece of information about you that this post has dug up! My sister’s vlogs are available online but, she no longer vlogs. She is too busy with other occupations! A very busy person she is.

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