This series of posts has been inspired by Nick who suggested that I list my peeves. He calls his, “Petty Peeves” but, I prefer to call mine just peeves. Since my peeves will need explanations unlike Nick’s one-liners, I will use more than one post to list them all.

Let me start with my morning peeves. The first things that upset me are these:
My morning pastime of sitting out in the veranda with my mug of tea, gets spoiled by various thoughtless people.
1. Talking loudly on cell phones just outside my garden sitting atop a two wheeler with its engine running ranks the topmost.
2. Impatient sounding of horn to get a traffic jam cleared because some idiots do not know how to part or are in the process of offloading passengers near a restaurant near my home.
3. Noisy vehicles of all kinds with deliberately made so or defective silencers.
4. Vehicles with extremely loud music being played leading me to wonder if the driver and passengers want to listen to music or want to show off to people outside.
5. Cars with barking dogs with their necks outside the windows leading other dogs being walked to bark too leading to total cacophony.

The next are once I am inside and see folded newspaper pages to highlight advertisements like the following.

Reading the half page as shown in the first image, turning it and then folding it to read the rest of the paper is very annoying.

The stretched out piece of one page to encourage the reader to go to the page to open it to read advertisements, at least in my case, has exactly the opposite effect. I swear to myself not ever to buy the product or patronise the institution advertised.

Full page advertisements of ugly looking politicians selling their candidacy or constitution for whatever reason is another no no for me. Here too, that politico will never get my vote.

Next peeves will be unsolicited phone calls either selling something or scammers who must think that I am a moron.

Closely followed by those are SMS messages and WhatsApp messages of commercial nature which annoy more than create interest.

More to follow.

17 thoughts on “Peeves!”

  1. Unnecessary noise seems to be your big bugbear, Ramana. I agree with you, it’s very irritating. Some people just can’t stand the thought of silence. They have to be talking or playing loud music or just tapping their fingers. There’s a guy in the immediate neighbourhood with a souped-up car that makes a colossal racket as he drives up and down the road.

    1. Snap, Nick. There is a guy in our neighbourhood who is lucky that I haven’t got a baby any longer. A baby I have just soothed into sleeping only to have big ROAR zooming past the next minute, repeatedly. One of these days, when Mr Roar is parked up (his car is so expensive he actually parks in front of the restaurants he is frequenting, perfectly happy to pay any fines) I shall ask him what he is lacking. Why he is compensating for that that is lacking by polluting the air with decibels. I can see his uncomprehending stare now, Nick.


  2. One really big pet peeve I have is outside my building when lazy family family members pull up to pick up a tenant and honk their horns. I find it extraordinarily noisy and rude. I remember dropping boyfriends because of that behaviour.

  3. Ramana, as I said over at Nick’s the other day, I don’t entertain peeves. I don’t like stock phrases but will use this one because it’s apt: “Life is too short.” Too short to let the irritating irritate you. I zone out. It’s a gift. A gift bestowed on me by one of the good fairies at my cradle.

    And, of course, there are joyful noises. Like children playing, running around. Laughter. Indeed even honking a horn that WWW takes exception to. I am reminded of the first Covid lockdown. Naturally, I did go out. Not that I have a dog as an excuse. “Mama”, sighed the Angel whose office had installed him to work from home, “what if everyone did what you do?” Yes, but no one did as I did. Never have I walked streets and parks so empty, so silent, so nothing. If a voice had whispered that I was the last person on earth (apart from the disapproving Apple of my Eye back at the ranch) I would have believed them. It was surreal. Still, with the traffic silenced the birds were audible.


    1. I agree with you Ursula. At my present state of being, there is little I can do about my peeves and I gracefully accept these inconveniences and say the serenity prayer when they occur!

  4. RR sr, the more we think the more “peeves” we will encounter so simple solution – ” just assume most people will be idiots and will constantly do irritating things – and simply smile when you are proven right ”

    Swami Sandeep 🙂 🙂

  5. I’ve lots of peeves which have to do with the private rental I live in – it’s not my own – so I can’t change things! At times I’ve managed to get things done, like the very tall trees, close to their fence that recently were cut again – so now there is nothing overhanging my walkway or reaching onto the roof. Of course those trees are not at fault, because they are searching for the sun, behind them is a very dark house with more trees which means they are permanently in darkness… The layout of inside rooms is a feat that even I’m stunned about – the kitchen, the laundry and the bathroom footprint is very small, very awkward as well for modern appliances – whereas the lounge/dining combination is quite big but not really workable… but to off set that I am not on the road/street frontage although surrounded by other infill housing – and it’s relatively quiet….
    Catherine recently posted..Adventure to Wellington (3)

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