12 thoughts on “Pep Talk And Reality.”

  1. One minute at a time sometimes. I find my short term is challenging at times. I was a chronic multi-tasker in my time and this never serves me well as something has to give and it’s usually where I put my keys.

  2. Except, of course, that the past is part of our fabric. And I can’t stress the importance of the rear view mirror enough. Especially when, on the European continent, driving on the “wrong” side. You need to know what’s coming up behind you before you yourself overtake.

    As to being absent minded: I watched a film last night. The best line when mother-in-law phoned her daughter-in-love complaining that she can’t find her slippers. “Well, look in the fridge. That’s where you left them last time.” And no, it wasn’t a comedy. The film was a thriller.

    Anyway, doing my best to make sure the Angel won’t have to deal with slippers in the fridge when my time comes. I am already finding myself occasionally saying “Can’t remember this minute. It’ll come back to me.” Ever the optimist.


  3. In general I have a terrible memory for names. I’ll mention to Jenny some TV drama we watched last week, and the names of the characters totally escape me. The same with the names of politicians. But I remember the names of people who’re important to me – like my blogmates and Facebook friends and book club members.

    1. I find that I too am now increasingly finding it difficult to recall names of people, places and other things. I am assured by my GP that it is normal and trying to recollect is a good exercise for the brain.

  4. I don’t fret about the past but can be important to remember so less likely to repeat any mistakes and can enjoy the futures. I take more written notes than I used to have to do. Otherwise, some things are delayed in my retrieving them. Just have to go with the flow.

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