My friend Sathya posted this on Facebook.

This reminded me of a post that I wrote here almost ten years ago.

The link will take you to the blog post but, the images there have been taken down to save space. Here is an image of the Indian Mock Strawberry flower.

This flower continues to pop up every  morning now  in our garden without any deliberate planting or tending. Remarkably resilient plant!

I think that Sathya will vouch for the fact that I am a joyful person as she is too!

15 thoughts on “Perception.”

  1. what a wonderful quote!
    it really sums up the whole thing.
    All a matter of perception and attitude!
    thank you for sharing it again. xo

  2. I love that quote. I will have to find it in a form I can save it because I send quotes to my grand children periodically. I definitely look for the wildflowers rather than the weeds. I cannot look around me without great gratitude. I don’t know how to post a photo in my remarks or I would show you the flowers in my garden now.

  3. Your garden brings you much pleasure for sure…and yes it’s the little plants that no one wants that often give the most joy. I love it when my yard is covered in daisies and then along comes the lawn care guy and they are no more for a few days…
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Be a Good Egg!

  4. I have always preferred wildflowers, including wild roses and irises (my favourites too along with daisies). How on earth do we call them weeds and why? Why do we mow them down?

    I’ve gone all philosophical on you now 🙂 but I so agree with your quote.


  5. As lots of therapists would say, what’s important is not what happens to you but how you interpret it and choose to react to it.

    I love watching all the garden flowers and shrubs gradually starting to bloom in the spring. How could anyone not enjoy such wonders?

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