I had written about this plant in our garden eight years ago. It just appears suddenly and one morning flowers with the stunning yellow coloured flowers every now and then. The last time I wrote about it was in September towards the tail end of our monsoons and this morning it is the middle of June, just the beginning of the monsoon.

You will see that the plant grows out of the gap between the paving stone and the boundary wall. We don’t plant anything there and this plant just keeps itself hidden and grows on its own every now and then.  You can see that we have had to move a couple of flower pots to show the bottom part of the stem.
Here is another view.

Remarkably persistent plant is it not? Welcome back dear Indian Mock Strawberry.

14 thoughts on “Persistence.”

  1. aren’t they amazing? plants that grow in the cracks of sidewalks!
    not only grow but bloom so beautifully. a subtle and wonderful life lesson for us.
    at least that’s what I always think when I see one.

  2. That is a persistent plant! I love it. Your garden is so nice it is worth it to grow in the crack.

  3. That is one seriously persistent plant. It is quite beautiful too. We also have one that grows right in front of our gate, managing to do it through a small crack on thick concrete. We have grown quite fond of it actually.
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