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  1. Chomsky is a dreamer if he thinks most students go to college to think and prepare themselves to change society.

    That said, the cost of a college education is outrageous, and a lot of it goes for amenities as colleges compete with one another to attract students. The system is overdo for a shakeup, and opportunities for online learning should help.
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      1. You forget why the tuition is so high in the U.S. It’s because when the money was easy for kids to borrow the colleges started competing with one another to rake that money in. They spent a lot on amenities to attract students and they lowered standards to keep the students. There is finally pressure on the system to give the students and parents value for their money. If the government starts paying it should only be after the system is reformed.
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        1. I did not know anything about the American system. I know the Indian system which in my opinion is predatory. Historically what happened to it is a topic for another one of my blog posts on the drawing board.

  2. “When you trap people in a system of debt they can’t afford the time to think”. Great use of the word ‘afford’.

    I think it terrible that higher education, any education, should be paid for, incur a debt. Education should be “free” – not least because it’s an investment in society’s future.

    I do agree with Chomsky. There are mechanisms in society which dull the senses and sap the energy to think and act. Yes, that old yet so true chestnut of “opium for the people” to keep them in check. No wonder I can’t/don’t want to sleep.

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    1. Looney, I shall write to Chomsky about you. Being almost your neighbour, I am sure that he will be delighted to make your acquaintance and may be, just may be, change his views!

  3. rummy. an excellent opening for my rant! LOLOL.
    i live in a “football NUTS” state. texas being the twin regarding it.
    our football coach for the university made in just ONE year as his 10th anniversary year in 2008… a one time bonus payment of $3 million.
    his annual salary … as you can imagine… tilts over the million mark.

    i checked on forbes just for info… and 9 of the highest paid university presidents in this country all make over 1 million a year. the lowest out of the 10 was a measly $857,000 a year. imagine that. poor man.
    the highest on the list $6.058 million.
    and they keep raising tuition on these kids.
    something STINKS here.
    it’s so far broken… i think it will never come back to a sensible level.
    although… small community colleges and great vo~techs are becoming more and more popular. so that’s perhaps a saving grace.
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    1. This is a side to the problem that I was not aware of. But it makes sense to me because of other bits of pieces of information that I have been reading about college sports in the USA. The gambling industry and the professional sports industry would appear to be the remote control for this phenomenon. Sad.

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