Personality Compass.

I was led to a quiz to assess my personality type. The quiz indicated that there are only four types of personalities:

On completing the quiz. I was declared as being an Emotional Introvert.

“Most defining characteristics: You are sensitive, melancholic and a perfectionist.

You are a very emotional, caring and dedicated person. You believe that there is a bigger picture in life, one that we can’t really see, but we can feel.
You are very compassionate, strong minded, and devoted to your beliefs.
Although you tend to get melancholic, your ability to empathize for others is a true gift and you possess a sort of kindness that is rare.”

Very flattering.

Go ahead and take the quiz.  You may be flattered too.

21 thoughts on “Personality Compass.”

  1. I am currently taking bets on how many of your readers are going to turn out to be “Emotional introverts”. Let’s just say the odds are short.

    Anyway, who needs “flattery” when harsh reality, not to say a few home truths, will provide a much truer picture?

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  2. I didn’t take the quiz because a popup wanted me to subscribe to something before I could continue. Anyway, I like Myers Briggs better. In addition to Rational/Emotional (Thinking/Feeling) and Introvert/Extrovert (Extraversion/Introversion) it has Judging/Perceiving and Sensing/Intuition. I was borderline on both Rational/Emotional and Introvert/Extrovert. Not sure how your quiz would handle either/both.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Lovable

    1. Yes, I know your preference for MB and I have taken it too. Let me repeat what I told Ursula – “I enjoy computer generated flattery Ursula. The people that are in my life just now simply don’t do that to me. Sods the whole lot of them.”

      1. LOL! Well said. 😀

        Every time I do the least little thing I say, “Yay, Jean!” And poor Andy says it often too, so I don’t need extra help from a computer. I would like to know what compliments the quiz generates for the other combinations.
        Cheerful Monk recently posted..Don’t Panic Yet

  3. The idea that we can all be neatly slotted into one of four personality types is absurd. All those labels can be applied to me at one time or another. Also, what about all the other possibilities it leaves out? Optimistic/pessimistic, altruistic/selfish, gullible/sceptical etc. And it would take more than a quiz to make me feel flattered!
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  4. I don’t take such quizzes on the internet since I think there already too many sneaky sites quietly gathering personal information on each of us they disseminate to who and for how much that can be quite misleading. Plus these simplistic survey breakdowns would be wisely considered as for fun only.
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