Pheriwalla Mukhtar Sheikh.

Continuing with my series on our local pheriwallahs, here is Mukhtar Sheikh, who pherries on a push cart. He is a fruit seller and is the palace supplier to my humble abode. Behind the compound wall that you can see behind him is a boarding school’s play ground. The school and the hostels are not in view.

He hails from a village near Sholapur, which is on the border between three states, Maharashtra, where I live, Karnataka, where Bangalore is located and Andhra Pradesh, where Hyderabad is located.

He is always impeccably dressed in white shirts and trousers and wears a rakish pair of sunglasses. He lives in Pune with his family in a locality that is about four kilometers from my home. He too sources the fruits from the wholesale market early every morning and is hawking them from about 9.30 am every day.

Today, he has mangoes, pomegranates, papayas and ber, the Indian berry (also known as Indian Jujube) on his cart and I have bought all of them. Here is a picture of the ber:

Here is another view of the hero.

I took this photograph when it was not raining and the sun was out briefly, just outside our home. Just to the right of Mukhtar, you can see the entrance to our home. I do not have to come out to buy from him as I can do so from our verandah. which abuts the entrance.

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