Photochromic Lenses.


I wear photochromic lenses because I have sensitive eyes and I develop an ache in the eyes in bright sunlight.  I have had this condition since the late sixties and except when I am at home and / or in the nights, I inevitably wear glasses with photochromic lenses.

Some of my readers have commented on this whenever one of my photographs have come up in a blog post and a couple of them have wondered why I need to hide my eyes.  Now you know.



9 thoughts on “Photochromic Lenses.”

  1. my eyes are blue. and have always been sensitive to the sun also.
    actually what I would call overly sensitive. I always wear sun glasses.
    I thought it was just a blue-eyed irritant trait … but I see it’s not.
    i’m in good company!
    and… you just gotta love pickels! it made me laugh right out loud.
    tammy j recently posted..quality or quantity

    1. I have the same blue-eye problem. I am curious to see if it eventually develops into something more. Did you notice your eyes changed color with age?

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