Picker Upper.

Some readers have commented on my blog post Precious Gifts about another very useful gadget that they use to pick things up from the floor without bending down.

I too have one which however was not gifted to me. I had bought it when some years ago I had pulled a back muscle and had difficulty bending down while I was recovering.

It just hangs on a hook behind my chest of drawers as I don’t use it anymore. I call it my “picker upper”!  I don’t know what else to call it.

Can someone tell me the correct name for it?

10 thoughts on “Picker Upper.”

  1. Grabber Reacher Tool seems to be the most common name – but I also saw Pick Up Stick. When I wanted to buy mine I asked my pal in that trade “where do I get a gribber grabber thingymegig?” I was soon in a store close by getting one…

    I find it great also when I need to reach behind a large piece of furniture when something has fallen, like my double bed head board or between two pieces of homeware that is not reachable with my hand…

  2. I have such a tool myself and find it to be quite indispensable whatever it’s called. I’m thinking of buying another one or two to place in other locations in the house. A younger friend and her husband who live in a 2-story house have several scattered about their house which they’ve found quite useful, she says.

    Incidentally, perhaps in these times we can all use a good “picker upper” in more ways than one!

    1. It is a great idea to get a few and leave them around in different places at home to be handy.

      I agree that this season, colder than normal for us here, is a good time for other types of picker uppers though I am a teetotaller myself.

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