34 thoughts on “Pickin And Grinnin.”

    1. Imagine there’s no countries,
      It isn’t hard to do.
      Nothing to kill or die for,
      And no religion, too.
      Imagine all the people
      Living life in peace.
      ~ John Lennon,

      1. nice thought, Ramana, and John, except for, at least to me, the no religion, but how about if, instead of no countries- tolerance that your country is just as good and important to you as mine is to me- or your beliefs and mine are equal, and then just accept the difference and discuss things where you can get along if you want to build a relationship. there is a level where we are the same, and a level where we are different. thank heavens. Discussion, not disputes. And “R-E-S-P-E-C-T,”
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  1. Won’t get a lot done today for playing this over & over. I bought a banjo so I could learn to play Dueling Banjos. I never could get it up to speed tho’.

  2. We went to the mountains to swim in the hot spring pools & I heard a man playing banjo, along with all the other naked people (it was the times), sitting on a log along with our daughter Lydia. That’s when I bought my banjo & hired someone to teach me the fundamentals. What fun. 😀
    There were year-round goldfish in the pools.

    1. Opps – man sitting on a log playing banjo. The other naked people on the log were only listening, without banjos. 😀

        1. Our family wore bathing suits. However we left little Lydia in the care of those hippies while we hiked around. It was The Times. A gentler, kinder time.

  3. Talented musicians ? .. Yes, I suppose so .. But as far as I’m concerned they can stay.. “Way down yonder in that land of cotton” .. 😉

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