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      1. nice thought, Ramana, and John, except for, at least to me, the no religion, but how about if, instead of no countries- tolerance that your country is just as good and important to you as mine is to me- or your beliefs and mine are equal, and then just accept the difference and discuss things where you can get along if you want to build a relationship. there is a level where we are the same, and a level where we are different. thank heavens. Discussion, not disputes. And “R-E-S-P-E-C-T,”
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  1. Won’t get a lot done today for playing this over & over. I bought a banjo so I could learn to play Dueling Banjos. I never could get it up to speed tho’.

  2. We went to the mountains to swim in the hot spring pools & I heard a man playing banjo, along with all the other naked people (it was the times), sitting on a log along with our daughter Lydia. That’s when I bought my banjo & hired someone to teach me the fundamentals. What fun. 😀
    There were year-round goldfish in the pools.

    1. Opps – man sitting on a log playing banjo. The other naked people on the log were only listening, without banjos. 😀

        1. Our family wore bathing suits. However we left little Lydia in the care of those hippies while we hiked around. It was The Times. A gentler, kinder time.

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