Piku, Motion se hi Emotion!


Take three incredibly talented actors under the direction of another incredibly talented director and combine it with a very believable modern story and you have a block buster Piku.

All the reviews that I had read about the film had been positive but despite wanting to see it from the very first week after it was released a month ago, I was unable to because of my illness and vacation. I finally made it yesterday and what an experience it was.

I have seen other old men with constipation going through life in exactly the same way that the old man in this film does and the reality was simply stunning. That an Indian producer can take such an unmentionable theme, yes the leitmotif to make it mentionable, is constipation,  and make such a film with such a team of talented people is simply too valuable an experience not to be shared with my readers. Most of my readers from India must have already seen it by now and if they have not they must immediately see it before it is taken off the theaters. Seeing it in the small format will not be the same experience.

To my overseas readers, I will recommend this movie with a [rating=6] rating and would urge you to see it with English subtitles in whatever format that you can.  Some of the nuances of the Hindi and Bengali language will be missed but the overall impact is unlikely to be affected.

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