Pizza And People.

I came across this quote from one of our genuine heroes, and just could not resist the temptation to share it with my readers.

Pizza always confuses me. It comes in a square box, yet when you open it, it is round, And when you start eating it, it is a triangle!

Life and people are like pizza; look different , appear different and of course behave absolutely different.

~ A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

21 thoughts on “Pizza And People.”

  1. LOL.
    being a non mathematical person I have no problem with pizza.
    plane geometry drove me crazy.
    but it is a good analogy for life I guess. I’m trying to think more deeply about things like that. although I generally am busy thinking ” I love PIZZA!”
    which in itself is a good analogy I guess.”
    Tammy just shut up and eat. LOLOL.
    tammy j recently posted..the simple metaphor

      1. you guys. LOL!
        then there’s always “the more I see of mankind the more I like my dog.” or something like that.
        I never liked Will Rogers actually even tho he’s supposed to be our favorite son or something.
        I never have met a DOG I didn’t like.
        come to think of it the only pizza I never liked was just one… with anchovies. ugh.
        tammy j recently posted..the simple metaphor

  2. then the corners, even the round ones – what kind of angle do we present to the world as a whole…

    Haven’t had a pizza for ages…maybe I should get one real soon. Although today I was thinking a trip to Wynyard Quarter to that nice semi-outdoor fish’n’chip with shellfish sounded nice…

  3. tho some pizzas now come square and cut square but they’re not the same. Nothing like aiming that point of the triangle into your mouth and missing and slopping down your front, oh tomato stains!

    Synonym for life, yes I see that.

    Wisewebwoman recently posted..Money

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