Playboy;Virgin;Civil Servant; Erotica and the Adventurous British.

No, I have not gone bonkers! The title for this post is just the sequence of news items that came to my attention and which I thought rather convenient, as coincidences go. There are two news items which I shall shortly link you to but, both also showed that the British are indeed getting to be quite adventurous!

Let us go to Playboy first.

No, Conrad, I am not getting funny ideas in my old age. This magazine played its part in my growing up process, as I am sure it did in many of my readers’ lives too. Then, came the time, when I just lost interest in it, like I am sure most others did too. It is however a magazine that advocated a life style that has its adherents even now.

There is this startling news item that Hugh Hefner is considering selling Playboy magazine so that he can get out of the financial mess that he is in and yet continue to live his life the way he has done for the past so many decades.

The next item to get my interest up was the fact that the likely buyer is Sir Richard Branson, of Virgin fame!

The next news item that caught my attention was about an ex civil servant. Most of you know that I am allergic to civil servants and that is why I read this item anyway! It however turned out that this wonderful lady is a closet entrepreneur who wants to sell, hold your breath, Erotica to women! In other words, a female Hugh Hefner in the making! Please do read the article to its conclusion, where it talks about Metrosexuals like Beckham!

Now for the rest of the title for this blog. Is it a coincidence that both Sir Richard and Ms Singh are British? Okay, in the latter case, by perhaps by adoption, though New Zealand is in many ways very similar to Britain. The fact remains that Ms. Singh is planning to target British ladies! And, this is what I find so fascinating, in all this, coincidences, there is a Mr. Singh, who is an Indian!

Grannymar, what do you think is going on?

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