1. A state of feeling, or being happy or satisfied

Enjoyment : To read for pleasure.

2. Pleasure (in something/in doing something) : He takes no pleasure in his work.pleasure the activity of enjoying yourself, especially in contrast to working. Are you in Paris on business or pleasure?

3. A thing that makes you happy or satisfies. The pleasure and pains of everyday life; the simple pleasures of the countryside; It’s a pleasure to meet you.

We use the word in so many different ways and all of us are quite comfortable with such usage and look forward with pleasure to pleasure giving things or activities.

The problem however is in thinking that deriving pleasure is happiness. And since all of us want to be happy all the time, we think that chasing after all things and activities that gives us pleasure is what being happy all about. I have seen this phenomenon change from a very different way of life to a totally different and soul destroying way of life during my life time.

I bought our first refrigerator, a five year old used one, from within the family by paying half the asking price as down payment and the balance in ten equal monthly payments. Till I paid off that commitment, I was on pins and needles. Other than that one necessary item, I have never bought anything on hire purchase or what is now called EMI (Equated Monthly Installments) I saved up to buy what was needed and in this was always ably supported by my late wife. I did take a bank loan to partly finance the purchase of the home that we now live in but the repayment of that loan was arranged in a way that in five years I was debt free.

I deferred the pleasure of owning something till I could buy it from savings. If we could not afford something, we did without it and no one bothered about what the neighbours thought about it. This was the value system that I was brought up in and my peers almost without exception were also of the same system.

The significant change that I have seen over my life time is the shift from that value system to one of instant gratification and young people getting caught in debt traps despite much higher income levels and two income households. That kind of lifestyle has also resulted in different value systems towards all aspects of life including relationships and what I see happening in the pursuit of pleasure is pitiable.

I still value the simple pleasures of good company, food, books, music etc, and rarely if ever, want to indulge in other pleasure giving activities like rave parties and gossip sessions in page three situations. All, much sought after pleasure giving activities,

Perhaps I am just too old. Or is it that it is a matter of sour grapes?

I think that by and large, I am a happy man enjoying the pleasures that come my way without going after them.

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