Poor Customer Service.

On Monday last, I received a message in my WhatsApp from a home based food entrepreneur offering to supply Churma Laddoo on Thursday. Thursday, ie today being the first day of our Navratri festival, I placed an order for half a kilogram of the laddoos for delivery this morning.

I waited till 12 noon before I rang the lady up and the call was not answered. At 1230 PM, she called me back to advice me change of plans and said that the laddoos will be delivered tomorrow morning. No apologies, no explanations, nothing. Since I had already paid for the laddoos, I had to lump the change and simply accepted the situation instead of prolonging the agony.

Having written about the Japanese Customer Service Omotenashi just this morning, I decided that I shall send her a link to my post after the laddoos are delivered. She had also offered to supply some other goodies on Sunday evening by a separate message and I have now decided that I shall not ever order anything again from her.

Am I being too rigid?

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  1. No you are not being too rigid – the lady had said that she could do the food and the delivery – so you were expecting it to arrive – plus you had already paid – and possibly you were going to celebrate the festival that very day.

  2. Hope you finally received the “laddoos” and that they were worth the wait. By the way I am quite sure she will not appreciate the sharing of the link on “Omotenashi” 🙂


  3. I don’t mind delays for something I have paid for as long as there is an explanation and an apology.

    She obviously needs a lesson customer appreciation and order fulfilment.

    You are not being rigid.

    I never treated my clients so cavalierly.


    1. During my working years, I was known as the TCS (Total Customer Service) man. I would insist on excellent Customer Service being extended to not only customers but, also to everyone that one came across treating all as customers for our attention and response.

  4. I’m totally with you; it’s not rigid. I find that if I’ve had great customer service previously that it’s easier to forgive a minor indiscretion one time. In this case, your first experience led to dissatisfaction, without an apology, which means it’ll probably happen again. I never work hard to give anyone my money; I think it’s a solid policy to follow.
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