Poor HE The Ambassador!

This is a story too good not to be shared with all my readers. France has recently been in the news for attempting to ban the Niqab and there are any number of stories about the niqab doing the rounds including photographs ridiculing them like this one.

In India too we recently had an instance of the matter of photo identity being insisted on being decided at the Supreme Court level. The petitioner had argued that Muslim women should not be asked to produce photo identity cards at the time of casting their votes. The Supreme Court has dismissed the case, as it rightly should.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce my readers to another story. If this can happen to an ambassador, imagine what must be happening to the common man and also just imagine the plight of the girl!

I know of one reader who will have great fun doing things with this post. Maynard, what can you come up with now? Any chance of sending either Gail or Millie over to Dubai as a replacement? You have to really be very creative with the photographs though!

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