Popeye’s Understanding Of Being

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This is a tough nut to crack. But since at various points of time I have been called Popeye by admiring fans, I would fail Conrad, who I suspect thought up this title just to get under my skin if I abdicated.

Popeye’s understanding of Being is very simple.
popeye-the-sailor-3One does not need to elaborate does one?  Typical of the character of the man.  A fellow full of contradictions, sometimes soft as he can be with Olive Oyl or Sweepea or brutal as with Bluto. intellectual as he can be with Wimpy.  Inconsistent as humans tend to be and therefore endearing. And what holds it all together is his sense of his self.

You take him or you leave him.  He is what he is and that is his understanding of his Being.

For me, he will always be the greatest brand ambassador for spinach despite the scientists proving that while it is a good green, it is not a great green.

But it is not easy being Popeye. I will let him explain.



26 thoughts on “Popeye’s Understanding Of Being”

  1. I think of you as someone with “popeye” mentality. You are who you are, and I think you feel that people can take you or leave you, but you will still be who you are. That’s a good way to be. And you are vegetarian, so the spinach thing makes sense too. 😉
    Delirious recently posted..Private

  2. You and Popeye? It threw me at first. Then I got it. You’re both very straightforward, which is something I appreciate. Yep, you’re Popeye without the pipe, Rummy.

    Don’t know what happened but I got a different topic on my list.
    blessings ~ maxi
    blessings ~ maxi
    Maxi recently posted..Newbie Texters Beware!!

  3. i love the quote from oscar wilde . . .
    ” be yourself. everyone else is taken.”
    i think that’s how it goes.
    i like straightforward too. but with kindness.
    that makes all the difference. and you are kind rummy.
    tammyj recently posted..hark!

  4. I never paid much attention to Popeye as a kid, so I’m a bit in the dark about his understanding of being. All I can say is, I’d quite like to develop superhuman powers by eating a can of spinach. That would make life a lot easier.
    nick recently posted..Rough and ready

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