Popeye’s Understanding Of Being

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This is a tough nut to crack. But since at various points of time I have been called Popeye by admiring fans, I would fail Conrad, who I suspect thought up this title just to get under my skin if I abdicated.

Popeye’s understanding of Being is very simple.
popeye-the-sailor-3One does not need to elaborate does one?  Typical of the character of the man.  A fellow full of contradictions, sometimes soft as he can be with Olive Oyl or Sweepea or brutal as with Bluto. intellectual as he can be with Wimpy.  Inconsistent as humans tend to be and therefore endearing. And what holds it all together is his sense of his self.

You take him or you leave him.  He is what he is and that is his understanding of his Being.

For me, he will always be the greatest brand ambassador for spinach despite the scientists proving that while it is a good green, it is not a great green.

But it is not easy being Popeye. I will let him explain.



26 thoughts on “Popeye’s Understanding Of Being”

  1. Spinach doesn’t do anything for Popeye’s biceps. Also if you’re prone to kidney stones avoid spinach. It’s full of oxalic acid which can cause kidney stones.

    1. Spinach is among the many Indian green vegetables that are regularly cooked in Indian homes. Almost all Indians grow up on a regular diet of green leafy vegetables as well as other locally grown and popular vegetables. They don’t put on muscles like Popeye, but certainly seem to be very productive!

  2. Hi, Ramana! I’m writing just to let you know I was searching the four spiritual laws and I found it in your blog. I’m a little confused about it and sometimes is more comfortable to think that they are correct. Sometimes is very hard to believe… It’s like, I should have just sit and wait what life has for me? Because if I try very hard to achieve something is not for me, I’d be wasting my time? Sorry, I’m a bit confused and I loved the heart peace you seems to have through your lovely comments. I wish you all the best for sharing your time writing so nice posts… Thanks!!!

  3. Hi Rummy,

    I loved Popeye, as a kid, although I found him silly at times.
    Of course, I am from the time when parents used to tell their kids to eat their spinach so they could grow stronger like Popeye lol…and in some areas (the intellect for example) many kids did for eating this particular green.

    Humans are fascinating creatures and I love them by the minute – despite all things (which are part of existence).

    Have a fabulous weekend, my friend.

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