Grannymar had this to say in my post on my recent pilgrimage.

“I hope you said one for me when you reached the temple!”

The prayer that I offered was this:

Swasthi prajabhya paripalayantham, Nyayena margena maheem maheesa, Gobrahmanebhyo shubhamasthu nithyam, Loka samastha Sukhino bhavantu.

Let good things occur to the king of the country,
Who looks after his people well, in the path of justice, Let Cows* and Brahmins** have a pleasant life daily, Let all people of the world have a very pleasant life.
*wealth was measured by cows in those times ** People in search of God

Kale varshathu parjanya, Prauthwee sasya shalini, Deso yam kshobha rahitha, SAjjana santhu nirbhaya.

Let the monsoon be timely and plentiful, Let earth be covered with vegetation, Let the country live without problems, And let good people never have fear.

Aputhra puthrina santhu, Puthrina santhu pouthrina, Adhana sadhana,
Santhu jeevanthu sarada satham.

Let sonless people have son,
Let people with son have grand sons, And let people who are poor or rich, Live and see one hundred autumns.

Sarvathra sukhina santhu,
Sarve santhu niramaya,
Sarve bhadrani pasyanthu,
Ma kaschid dukha bhag bhaveth.

Let people live with pleasure everywhere, Let all people live without diseases,
Let every one feel themselves secure, And let none have at anytime sorrow,

Om Sarvesham swasthir bhavthu, Om Sarvesham santhir Bhavathu, Om Sarvesham poornam Bhavathu, Om Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavathu.

Let comfort be every where,
Let peace be everywhere,
Let there be plenty everywhere,
And let good things happen everywhere.

Om Santhi, Om Santhi, Om Santhi

Let there be peace, Let there be peace, Let there be peace.

(Mangalya Prarthana
(Universal Prayer to well being from the Vedas) Translated by

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