The Ganesh festival is just over and people are getting back to their normal lives. Some peace and quiet till the Navarathri festivals begin and I understand that people have already started practicing dance steps for the rasya dandi dances. I am not however writing about either festival but about something totally different.

This post is about something that I observed that intrigues me and I wish to share with all of you. During the festival, in our colony, some youngsters always set up a temporary stall with the statue of the Diety. Regular poojas are performed and all residents of the colony make it a point to visit to see the decoration and the more devout, to pray. Those who intend praying, inevitably have to go in a queue before they can directly face the Deity. It takes time, and the crowds, the atmosphere and the children playing around can all be ordeals. But wait patiently, they do, till their turn comes, and stand before the Deity.

It is then that the peculiar thing happens. They stand before the Deity with folded hands and close their eyes! Puzzling is it not? Coming in front for the darshan, after all the trouble, and then closing the eyes!

Do you close your eyes standing before your favorite Deity when you pray?

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