Precious Gifts.

In one of those little forwards that so occupy so many people on WhatsApp, I was asked to list three cherished gifts that I had ever receieved.

I took a while to think about the matter and finally came to three indispensable items that were gifted to me many years ago and which I would call the most cherished and practical.

The first one came from a very dear but alas now late friend Abbas.

The next one came from my nephew Craig shortly after the first one.

The third one came from my son Ranjan who saw me using the first one for a purpose that it was not meant to perform.
For the puzzled, the first one is a long handled shoe horn, the second a socks puller and the last a telescopic back scratcher.

How many of these would you consider as cherished possessions?

12 thoughts on “Precious Gifts.”

  1. I love Useful gifts! I didn’t even know they still made shoe horns. and I’ve never seen a sock puller! and that’s a very elegant back scratcher. I can see how these items would easily be cherished gifts. one doesn’t realize until he/she loses some of that youthful ability that is so taken for granted by most!

  2. Well, I have no need of any of those, but I can see why you would cherish them. My most cherished possessions are probably the three original paintings that hang in the living room and kitchen.

    1. I have written about my Picker Upper, what you call your grabber in my next post. Yes, a very useful thing to have as I have written in that post.

      I read all your blog posts as I get an email alert whenever you post. I don’t comment as I have little to offer on the subjects that you write on.

  3. I’ve got one of the gadgets that Terra has mentioned a gadget that you can pick things up off the floor – I keep it in my bathroom to “pick up the towelling shower mat” to hang it to dry before I sling it over the shower box door… it’s very handy, for other reasons
    A specialised “plastic mat” that I have on the kitchen bench to stop things from moving, like bowls and the like (to do with my hands), also handy to undo jars (to do with my thumb muscle/strength).
    A large and deep sided wok (to do with my lifting hand ability)
    [I’ve probably got other things, but have to go to bed now…running out of steam]

    1. I too have one to pick things up which I don’t use now. I use non skid mats in my shower and at the entrance to my bathroom. I have also installed bars on the walls of the bathroom to hold on to so that I don’t slip.

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