Priceless Existence.

I can totally relate to the message in this image. There are some hyperactive friends of mine who keep wondering how I can be such a couch potato and this blog post is for them. Not that I expect them to understand but, this is my explanation for their puzzlement.
I must however add that I am not much into snacking but instead, into solving crossword puzzles and reading.

How about you dear reader?

15 thoughts on “Priceless Existence.”

  1. I can totally relate as well. I have no desire to rush around doing fashionable activities. I’m very happy to stay at home, reading, blogging and following the news, and enjoying the odd snack.

  2. My husband and I enjoy watching the news in the mornings, noon, and evenings and that is our sitting. We do some streaming of Brit mysteries which we enjoy – more sitting. I am a reader and that involves sitting. I like snacking, however mostly refrain! Instead, I drink water. So yes, I love my sitting lifestyle. I will add that we are walkers and get our steps in early in the morning so we can sit without so much guilt! LOL

    1. Health issues have prevented my going our for walks but till a few years ago, that was my favourite pastime too every evening. I have blogged about many adventures that I have had in our local joggers’ park.

  3. It’s all in what makes one content I believe. I zoom, I have very limited live companionship due to the many pandemics and their variants with most not understanding the process of infection and death for us elders.
    I am lucky, like you, in that I enjoy my own company and I read, stream, engage in the news, and attend on line meetings. Oh yes and phone calls. And scrabble and wordle.

  4. There is much to be said for being content sitting, reading and engaging in other low-key activities alone in my home. I’m a news junkie, have been intrigued at times with documentaries of historical events that occurred during my lifetime to compare with my impressions then and much more detail about what was really going on; other events I knew little about at the time. I’ve long-since ceased snacking but do keep drinking lots of water.

    Summertime with high temperatures as well as the high incidence of BA-5 here contribute to my spending most of my time indoors. I seldom lack for ways to occupy my time and don’t mind in the least keeping myself company.

    1. Heavy monsoon rains here plus my COPD has more or less restrained me to my home too and I have tried to make the most of that with sensible activities.

  5. I love sitting/lying around doing what I like – reading, watching on Demand TV, making art, occasionally eating, wandering up my driveway to view our no exit street traffic – just musing on life.

  6. My truth is that from the time I was 16 to now, I’ve never learned how to relax and just enjoy most of my life. I’ve gone to movies and concerts and stuff, and I did play sports, but in general I was also doing something, even if at the time it was personal. These days I either work all day or think about work all day, and being self employed means I don’t take a lot of time off. Fridays are supposed to be my rest day, but except for when I go to the casino to play poker they haven’t been all that restful… until yesterday, which was an aberration. Still, I’m working on it, though I wouldn’t mind hitting the lottery. 🙂
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..None Of Us Is Great At Everything

    1. Circumstances were and are different for you and I applaud you for being candid about your lifestyle being totally different than mine. You have a long way to go before you retire. I was like you during my working days.

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