Problem Solved.

In my post Book Binder 2, I had lamented on the loss of my associate and my dislike of commuting to the city to get some books covered in plastic.

I carried out a lot of research online as well as by telephone calls and found nothing economic as an alternative till it occurred me to telephone the binder who featured in my post My Book Binder. What an idea! I should have done it first.

Santosh, that is the binder’s name, recommended that I hand over the books to a Stationer’s shop very close to my home as he has a regular courier service operating between his shop and the plastic book coverer in the city. The stationer is well known to me for many years and on calling him up, he confirmed that he acted as an agent for the plastic coverer and would happily do the work for me. He further informed me that he has been doing this agency work for the past many years! Had I only known!!

The first consignment of five books, four that I had listed in my post Ajahn Chah and a new one;

have been handed over today to the stationer.

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    1. Thank you WWW. I don’t know whether the plane I am on can be called higher but, I find that I am different in many ways than my contemporaries who are still struggling with their material pursuits and ties.

    1. I don’t bind all the paperbacks that I buy Mike. Only those that I want to keep and keep going back to. Now I make more use of my kindle and buy hardback or paperback only if a kindle version is not available.

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