9 thoughts on “Problem Solving.”

  1. “Can you hide it?” and “Can you blame someone else” speaks to the coward in all of us when we do something wrong. Of course, those are NEVER the choices most of us make when in this position! (not since we were about nine years old, at any rate!). This was funny…

  2. LOL.
    sounds like the current West Wing. “wait. is he still here or does somebody else have that position now? I thought he got fired last week.”
    “I could have sworn he was. I saw it on the late night show.”
    I shouldn’t laugh. it’s real. and it would be laughable if it weren’t scary!
    seriously! they don’t even last long enough to have a flow chart.

    1. I have heard enough to understand but have no intention of seeing it on TV ever! Life offers enough opportunities for humour without having to watch for it on TV. Just read my post on what retired people do.

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