Prof. Dr. V. L. Mote. Om Shanti.

Seven years ago, I had written about a remarkable teacher who had touched my life in my early twenties. Subsequently, Dr. Mote became friends with many alumni like me on facebook and kept us connected to him till he passed away earlier this week after a brief hospitalisation.

Since then, the WhatsApp application and my email In Box has been filled with so many messages from alumni and fellow faculty expressing their sorrow and nostalgia for his personality. Most talk about how he had touched their lives in some way or the other just like I had shared in my blog post about him touching my life at a critical point in my life.

Just to give a flavour about his impact here is a link to an article from another alumnus who is a very well know Management Professional.

He was truly a legend and will be missed by a lot of people.

6 thoughts on “Prof. Dr. V. L. Mote. Om Shanti.”

  1. I just read your post about him as your tutor and mentor. he and his wife both.
    THAT is what true greatness and teaching is about. the willingness always to help a person like yourself who comes to them to learn. it’s the difference to me between a true physician and those that we simply call doctors. I would imagine with the 44 year age difference he felt very fatherly to you even.
    and look what you’ve accomplished with your life! it surely gives you comfort now to have been a part of his own life. xo

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