Pulp Fiction.

I saw this on Youtube having been directed there by a news item about how Samuel Jackson still can recite the Ezekiel verse which he so effectively did in the film Pulp Fiction.

So, I decided that I had to see the film which I had seen a couple of decades ago all over again. I did it last night.

In the film the two scenes where Jackson quotes the verse are of course very powerful and it is also a much younger actor there. Here is the first scene.

I liked the recital in the BBC interview and his reaction at the end of the interview!

How about you?

8 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction.”

  1. An obviously great piece of acting and interesting use of biblical scriptures for Samuel Jackson’s character to quote when making his point in the particular scene. I have to admit however regarding the film itself that as popular as it was, it was a film I never watched. Too dark and violent for my taste… 😕
    Alan G recently posted..Remembering Eva Cassidy….

  2. Jackson fascinates me as an actor. He is as creepy as they come – only actor that creeped me out as effectively is Morgan Freeman – he was fabulous in Street Smart (1987). Jackson is even creepy when he plays a good guy.

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