Pune, My Home City.

A friend and neighbour sent this video to me in WhatsApp and in turn I forwarded it to some friends in Pune and elsewhere with the comment – “Why I live in Pune”.

One friend, also a resident of Pune, took objection and suggested that there could be other places without water shortages, electricity outages, dust, dirt etc. I responded with the observation that there could be no place on earth without either such problems or other minor problems and that despite being in a position to live in many other places in India, I would be loathe to leave Pune after almost 28 years of living here.

I also sent this pithy image for effect!

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  1. I sure that it is a lovely place to live, but, Umm ! … this depiction is not exactly my vision of an Indian city, but then again, I’ve watched too many travelogues and TV dramas featuring your country. You know .. all elephants, cows, dust and traffic chaos. .. 😉
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    1. John, if you come down, I promise to receive you at the airport with an elephant to garland you, ride on till you reach my home and on the way, ensure that you will see, cows, buffaloes, unruly traffic, people crawling out of the woodwork every where and snake charmers. Tigers will be difficult but given sufficient time, even that could be arranged. And I also promise you that you too will fall in love with Pune despite all those rather quaint things about India.

  2. Any dynamic, growing city must necessarily encounter some issues related to rapid growth. While I am not fond of the music in this piece the city it depicts is certainly one I would happily live in. Interestingly enough a city I would very much enjoy moving to – if I could afford it – is Austin, Texas – a city similar in growth and dynamic to Pune. It is also a music capital, foodie haven and young – a college town home to the University ofTexas. And you k now I am not a huge fan of Texas…..
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    1. Let me put it this way Shackman; I would not have been able to afford Pune had I retired say just a few years ago. A series of fortuitous developments in my career enabled me to move to Pune in 1990 when it was still possible for me to go into semi retirement with a less taxing career than the one I was in prior to that. I have no regrets whatsoever about that development though.

  3. i have watched many videos of pune since meeting you sean.
    and as you recall just recently i sent you one. at least i think i did! maybe i just told you about it.
    it was not professionally done but it showed every aspect of pune by a young man who lives elsewhere. he loved it. and so did i!
    pune is beautiful! even his little video proved that. and remember what i told you about how ‘happy’ the people looked who lived there? it’s true. it was almost palpable. it was in the very air. and that particular fact is before i even knew it was a ‘brand’ mentioned in professionally made videos like this one in your post. it was merely my own observation from the camera on the young man’s motor bike of people on the streets and in neighborhoods just going about their lives like people do. a city of parks.
    thanks for this video. 😀 i’m glad you can live in pune!
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    1. Yes, I am aware of your interest in Pune and your earlier forays into our glorious city through the youtube. I finally was able to locate the motorcyclist’s video as well and I agree with you that he has done more justice to Pune than I ever will be able to.

      I consider myself blessed to be able to live here.

  4. I like that quote. I did not appreciate how diverse Pune is. I had appreciated it as a beautiful place with sophisticated culture, but had not understood the magnitude. I am glad you live in a place you love.

    1. It is a very cosmopolitan city Kaitlin. There are people from all over India and overseas who live here and there are cultural activities catering to all of them. Cross exposure to different cultures has been a great feature for me here and I have contacts in all the communities which has enriched my knowledge about our country and many other countries as well.

  5. A city with a Past and a Future…Prosperity and Happiness. This city seems to have it all. I especially like the high rate of literacy. Congratulations on finding your perfect place!

    1. Thank you Diane. My late wife and I used to live in Bombay, now known as Mumbai and pass through Pune to go to her home town further South. Both of us used to love the peaceful atmosphere and the broad tree lined avenues and had decided to retire to Pune eventually. When fortune gave us the opportunity to move permanently before retirement, we grabbed it and the rest is history.

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