No, that is not a typo in the Title.  Please read on.

When I opened the refrigerator this morning to take some milk for my morning tea, I saw a cardboard box in the bottom shelf that is normally used to pack cakes. I thought that my son or daughter in love must have got a cake for some purpose and left it at that.

Later on, I was totally engrossed in my morning newspapers when my son appeared in my peripheral vision with the same box opening the front door while mumbling something about cupcakes. I did not associate the box with cupcakes.

After some time, I asked him where the cupcakes were and he said that the box that he carried out in the morning contained them and I was zapped. He went on to explain that the cupcakes were for a friend who was celebrating her dog’s birthday and she was treating all the dogs in the park in the morning. (There is a park about half a km from our home where dogs are taken to play in the mornings and evenings by their owners living within its vicinity.)

When I probed further, it transpired that it was quite normal for people to bring such cupcakes for some reason or the other to distribute among the dogs and many dog owners were running successful home businesses baking these and that they are called pupcakes.

I was able to get photographs of the actual pupcakes distributed this morning to eager dogs.

Something new learnt today! Have you come across such pupcakes?

12 thoughts on “Pupcakes.”

  1. I have not heard of that. So they are for the pups? I bet the pups love them, and for the humans, they are very cute 🥰.

  2. I’ve never heard of pupcakes, or the idea of distributing them to the local dogs. Somehow I don’t think that will catch on here. The local dog-owners don’t seem to be very keen on other people’s dogs!

  3. Interesting concept. But I have to ask, seeing that we have businesses here in the states that bake all types of treats for dogs, are the ingredients used solely for dogs? They all look so tasty, I just wondered if humans could consume them too? Just curious – you know me with my “pondering” mind!
    Stay well my friend.

    1. The lady who arranged the birthday party for her pup after reading my blog commented that it was fortunate that I had not eaten one of the pupcakes! That is primarily because she knows that I am a vegetarian. From the recipes that I have seen online it would appear that the cakes should offer no problems to humans too!

  4. I have many times seen people make “cakes” for their own dog, usually made from meat and veggies. There are also home made dog treats in the shape of bones and many owners have a whole wardrobe of collars with matching leads for their pets. Nothing surprises me any more. I love my dogs to bits and they can have a piece of anything I’m eating but I dont think they care about having a wardrobe of collars.
    Pupcakes in the park sounds like a beautiful little tradition, it shows great community spirit. I hope they enjoyed them

    1. The park gathering of pups and their owners is a very enjoyable outing for both. My son and daughter in love enjoy their morning and evening outings with the dogs there where they meet up with other dogs and owners and exchange notes.

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