Puppy Love.

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That is one kind. Here is another:

But, there is another kind that is what most people mean when they mention puppy love.


Puppy love is also used to describe short term infatuations. I have not experienced that emotion ever. I had true love twice in my life, and both were long term relationships, the latter one ending up in a marriage that lasted for over forty years.

I know of two wonderful couples who have been in love from their kindergarten days till now. They got married when the men could find work to support marriages and both couples are of my age. When I suggested this topic for the LBC, I had both of them in mind.

I was not blessed enough to have anything remotely like puppy love of the kind in the bottom most photograph, but I have indeed been blessed with the second kind. We grew up with dogs some of them from puppy stage and even as an adult I have had close relationships with puppies and there is nothing quite like that kind of love.

If however school boy crushes could be called puppy love, I had crushes on two teachers when I was in the third and fourth standards. While I lost touch with the former, I kept in touch with the latter till she retired and in fact, had taken my new bride to meet her to take her blessings. These two ladies were remarkable teachers who created deep impressions on my very young mind with their love and interest. Unfortunately, I had to wait till I went to business school to come across another such remarkable teacher about who I have blogged earlier. That most certainly was not puppy love.

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  1. Strange term: “Puppy love”. Actually had to look up what it means. Love is love. Whether you are three, thirty or three hundred. Neither does it matter how long or short lived. I remember with great fondness all the people who managed to worm their way into my heart – and there was one dog only. Since he was a black Alsation he is forgiven.

    Ursula recently posted..Bee in bonnet

    1. Ah, you have read The Wonder Box! In India, the obsession with romantic love is a recent phenomenon though it has always existed clandestinely. Arrnaged marriages are still the most popular but increasingly young people are opting for the so called love marriages because of opportunities being more in a rapidly urbanising milieu. With traditional joint families disintegrating, this is understandable but with the incidents of divorce being much higher in the love marriages, one does wonder.

    2. In local languages, the equivalent for romantic love is more or less exclusive. Like is the preferred word for the equivalents of such statements like, I love hamburgers, I love sunsets etc.

  2. I guess puppy love means a kind of immature love, a sort of infatuation that’s a bit out of touch with reality. I never experienced it myself, my first romances always took account of my loved one’s faults and imperfections. And I never had crushes on my teachers either, they were just teachers and that was that. I guess I was always a bit hard-headed about love, it’s a wonderful feeling but it never depended on rose-tinted spectacles.
    nick recently posted..A move too far

  3. my puppy love has always been reserved for puppies. OH MY! and such puppies have i been proud to know.
    i would not like the wonder box i think. i don’t like things dissected.
    like poetry.
    ruins it for me.
    insert sly grin here for ursula’s sake. i know how she hates smiley faces. and probably LOL too. but LOL!!! can’t help myself.
    tammyj recently posted..bin bizy bak soon!

    1. The teacher that I went back to meet was a neighbour of an uncle of mine and my aunt and she were colleagues for a while in the same school. It made it simpler for me to visit her.

  4. Here. people generally use puppy love for young teens. But it’s kind of a demeaning term – their loves are powerful, even if not as tempered by reality as love is when you are older. For me, when I let myself love someone, I love fully, whole-heartedly. That’s true whether it is long lasting or shorter. (I’m not talking about se here, I mean the mean I’ve actually loved.)
    Secret Agent Woman recently posted..Hearing a different drummer.

    1. I relate. We have a saw here that loses its punch in translation, but for what it is worth, here it is.
      He would have a pony tail or sport a completely shaven head.

      The purport being that he is a man of extremes with no middle paths.

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