Puran Poli.

I had Puran Poli for lunch today and there is a story behind that which,  I wish to share with my readers.

Yesterday was Pongal for us Tamilians and Makar Shankaranthi for Maharashtrians.

I am in residence in solitary splendour with the children away on vacation and Chutki our dog, away at a boarding kennel.

Our help Mangal came yesterday just to cook lunch for me before scooting back to celebrate Makar Shankaranthi with her family. She asked me what to cook for lunch and I promptly asked for Pongal as it was the festival day. She obliged and it was a grand meal that I had indeed.

Today when she announced lunch I was surprised to find Puran Poli on the table and I asked her what prompted her to make that. She confided that she had saved up some stuffing from the polis that she had made at her home yesterday and brought it to make Puran Poli for me today. And so, I had a grand festival meal today too!

I am blessed.

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