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  1. Did this grass ever think of achieving

    1. “Emotion” e.g. being happy
    2. “Success” e.g. becoming CEO / Topping the class at IIMA
    3. “Owning” e.g. A big car, a better home

    Pravin knows that there may be always a “moving goalpost”, so if currently the grass grows by itself, did the grass not think of becoming a tree someday (however absurd that dream was or sounds now!)?

    what is the purpose of life now (growing by itself e.g. not interfering intellectually in life)? How were the previous goals decided? What happened when the grass achieved those goal? What when the grass did not? What did the grass think everyday morning after waking up?

  2. are we talking about generic “purpose of life” as the title suggests – but then the first picture relates to “your purpose”

    My purpose changes – as the decades dash by I see that – and recently I have been spending a lot of time with my “treasures” as I sift/sort them up for the forthcoming move. I’m a bit of a pack rat, and it was obvious when I opened up some boxes that I had create stuff for “purposes” that are either no longer remembered or I’m never going to accomplish it…

    Some items have no particular value, other than they are memories – I may in my next abode be able to display them more. One items springs to mind a small wooden rolling wheel length – that has wooden letters attached which spell the word: WILLOWS

    Most people in my current life wouldn’t even know what that represents…it had a great deal of purpose for quite some years but now it’s defunct as such, very little has survived that period – other than what’s in my personal brain archive…

      1. See everyone has a purpose, a goal. What does the grass think? Or it is we and our “ego” that screws it up and we think of a purpose of life not your Chutki or the money plant tree at my home??
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  3. As far as I can work it out it is to complete the circle of life. We love, we have children, we suffer some along the way & share knowledge. Then we snuff it. Somewhere in there we hopefully have some fun other than having sex. My life seems to have been mostly work so far, & I can’t see it changing any time soon.
    Regards, Keith.

  4. Interesting that both your picture and most commentators’ focus on purpose as “being determined to …”.

    I am determined all right, but that still doesn’t answer the question that has plagued the world’s philosophers since we set foot onto land, namely, what purpose do we serve (reason). The big WHY are we here at all? Why do you think I so often wish I were an ant? They never ask existential questions, they just DO what an ant does – with purpose, naturally.

    Anyway, Cheerful Monk and Looney, good luck with your endeavours. May your respective wishes hold water.

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  5. A bit different mood to the previous post. I am still working out the answer to this question. It is connected to helping others, but I am not sure in what ways. I think that being ready to help and be kind is as clear as I can get.

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