Puttu Kadala Curry.

I very rarely get cravings for particular types of dishes and am easily satisfied with what is cooked at home without consulting me. There are the rare occasions when something triggers off a craving and that happened a couple of days ago. I read somewhere that a person’s favourite food was puttu with kadala curry and I remembered it with great craving.  I learnt to relish it during our stay in Kerala in the mid seventies of the last century and had carried puttu makers with us all over India on various transfers to have as special treats once in a way.

I asked my daughter in love if the old puttu maker was still around as I had not seen it or got puttu made since the kitchen was remodelled, she promptly dug it out and showed it to me and made delicious puttu and kadala curry for me. Though in Kerala the dish is eaten in the mornings for breakfast, I had it for lunch.  Since most of my readers may not be aware of the dish, I thought that it is only fair that I share my joy at having the dish after many years.

The puttu maker:


Kadala curry:

And to finish it all off in style, she treated me to some amazing Kulfi.


13 thoughts on “Puttu Kadala Curry.”

  1. That sure looks good – as you know, I love Indian food – at least what I have tried. I’m not sure about the coconut rice but I’d definitely give it a shot. I have said before – Indian food could almost make me avegetarian

  2. Puttu and kadala curry is a staple in our house as Venu likes it a lot. Kabir doesn’t though.

  3. ohmygosh. i want that.
    just shoot me now! the Indian ‘ice cream’ with the strawberry sauce.
    it made me want to try all the flavors. well. i don’t know about the saffron.
    and you know i would love the coconut rice.
    you’re a lucky guru you are.
    and happily now reaping your rewards! 🙂
    tammy j recently posted..baby butts and coconut

      1. i could surely do this!
        only 3 ingredients and it does look yummy.
        not sure about the saffron. i truly don’t know how that tastes. and it’s so expensive i may never know. lol
        mango is not my favorite fruit. but i am going to try it in this. thanks rummy!
        tammy j recently posted..baby butts and coconut

    1. There must be someone from kerala where you live. They are called Malayalis and they are as ubiquitous as our Punjabis and Sindhis. If you can find one, you can bet that s/he will be delighted to hustle it up for you.

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